Hard to believe, yet not so hard when you remember that the Americans returned the unwanted, legally removed murdering drug smuggling, anti-American Aristide to Haiti’s palace on the points of 23,000 American bayonets.

Aristide is about to be arrested, as are the many who ordered Jean Dominique’s murder.

Conille’s claim to fame was his service with Bill Clinton; a guy now under investigation for details on how billions of dollars, aimed at Haiti’s earthquake reconstruction, went missing or didn’t get applied as planned.

Was Conille responsible for the mishandling of disaster funding?

Conille was originally injected into the formula with the goal of having him replace Martelly who the Americans didn’t expect to survive. Conille proved to be impossible in his demands until he finally got frustrated and quit, when Martelly did everything he could to make Conille succeed.

Martelly’s 85% popularity rating with Haiti’s poor and middle class citizens makes him a difficult target.

Now the plan sees Martelly being allowed to run his term out, without holding elections. Conille will then be maneuvered into the position as Provisional President and the die will be cast.

Many knowledgeable people blame American interference with the Haitian electoral system, the Senate and Chamber of Deputies for the electoral fiasco. A lot of money has been paid.

Under the American Plan Haiti will slip into a chaos similar to that experienced in 1956 and Aristide/Lavalas will be revived.

We must recognize this immediate and fatal danger, taking steps to cure the disease before it is allowed access to the system.


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  1. Conille was a true disappointment. They did everything to make him a success.

    They overlooked his residency requirements.

    They cannot do this again. He does not qualify as a candidate.

    In any event, he proved to be an incompetent, ineffectual Prime Minister.

    Why then should we try to inflict him upon this unlucky nation, as a President!

    Haiti deserves better.

    Martelly has proved to be a pretty good choice, supported by the vast majority of Haitians.

    This seems to fit the description of Democracy.

  2. Wow you sound like you are panicking. They did everything to make him succeed? who are you fooling? and what do you say about Lamothe residency? At the least Martelly had a green card which stipulates residency in the US, therefore how did he meet the residency in Haiti. You can be partial but you have no integrity.

  3. Comment from

    Why don`t you shut the fuck up moron. Stop spreading lies and saying all kinds of stupidities your about someone that is way superior from you. Just because Laurent is paying your bills you don’t have to put yourself so low. Have some self respect little scum of the earth. When are you people going to have some dignity and some personality. Garry Conille would never go back you know why? He has no to waste with a bunch of ignorant losers like yourself. This guy is taking care of serious business all over the world you little peace of shit. Keep putting garbage on your blog about people your not good enough to clean their shoes and see what happens idiot

  4. Mr. Altidore, Haitians are unusually polite and respectful. Obviously your upbringing missed something or you grew up in the United States where their values have slipped to low levels.

    I am always saddened to see people feel the need to use bad language, usually an indication that they possess a limited vocabulary, as well as a low IQ.

    You seem to fit both categories.

    Conille is planning a Presidential candidacy even as you read this comment. I am related to him and know the facts.

    You have probably never met Conille. I have. In fact, I was one of a team that wasted a lot of time on his effort to become Prime Minister. Whenever he complained of a shortcoming, we did our best to solve the problem.

    He was unhappy about his security. He was authorized to have a 126 man security unit and my associates helped select the people.

    He complained about no vehicles. My associates made a number of Toyota pickups available.

    Funding was a problem. My associates found funding.

    He complained about the condition of the Primature and my associates arranged to have it refurbished.

    All of these things were done – only after he gave his word to stick it out to the end.

    He quit, and walked away, without telling anyone that I know of.

    It seems to have come as a surprise to his father, a well known doctor in Haiti.

    You don’t even live in Haiti, as indicated by your IP address.

    Why don’t you come back to Haiti and help us salvage this Nation.

    Martelly and Lamothe are the best we have, at the moment and are much better than anything else since Duvalier.

    Conille is an embarrassment and we really don’t want another experience with him.

    And you are probably and American citizen now, so you cannot be of any use to anyone here.

  5. Conille wasted months of Haiti’s life. When you multiply the waste by 10,000,000 lives we lost a lot because of Conille. And some say he took a large bundle of money from one Haitian in the process. This would probably come under the Corrupt Practices Act in the United States is investigated to see if it is a fact and not tripotage.

  6. Wow. Both Jeans sound like they come from the same blind crowd, sitting in the USA pretending to know anything about Haiti as a day to day thing. I looked up the IP address in Altidore’s comment.

    There is a phrase to describe them here in America.

    Armchair experts. Usually, they are full of garbage, and these two don’t seem to differ on that point. There is one stark contrast.

    Jean Altidore is a true PIG. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously, or even show you a speck of respect when you approach a conversation with such a vile and childlishly immature dialogue? It might also help if you take the time to spell your ranting properly, so that you might seem to be partially educated.

    My guess is that you are one of those folks that walks around with you pants sagging, underwear gracelessly displayed. Or perhaps, you are Conille’s concubine?

  7. Seeing as this thread has become a bit hostile, I want to clarify this point clearly for EVERYONE.


    No advertising. No political financing. Zero.
    So you can stuff that remark back where it came from Mr. Altidore.

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