October 9, 2015

President Martelly is taking a lot of flack about the electoral process, and some of this is deserved.

However, the real elephant, in the tent, has United Nations colors of its flag.
PNUD has complete control over funding for the Haitian elections, with little or no oversight for  their expenditure of funds. For example, they have contracted with some organization, in South Africa, to print “sensitive” materials. Why, in God’s name. are we dealing with South Africa, a place that is difficult to reach from where were are sitting now?

We should be looking at a local firm or, at the very furthest, someone in Miami. Miami is 1.5 hours away, on American Airlines while South Africa is 1.5 days away, with airline connections.

And why are we printing the ballot in Dubai?

Dubai is 1000 miles further away than Tokyo!!!

The Boeing 767 airliner, used to fly the ballots from Dubai to Haiti will burn something more than $200,000 worth of jet fuel on a one-way trip, and there are the rental costs for the aircraft and crew for at least a one-way flight of something like 18 hours. The aircraft delivery of the ballots probably costs something more than $500,000!!

We understand that a dossier now reveals a Dubai billing of $1,000,000 for printing the ballots for one round. PNUD then bills the electoral funds $8,000,000.

PNUD, or members of its staff, makes a profit of $7,000,000.

Of course, there is humungous Per Diem for CEP members who must fly to Dubai to supervise.

This distant printing process is not the first time. An earlier election saw the ballots printed in some backwoods California town, not readily accessible to airline traffic from here to there.

This concept has a simple, basic psychology. “Out of sight. Out of mind.”  The processes are so far away that no one really knows what is actually happening.

We send CEP observers to look and none would recognize a rotary offset printing press if it jumped out and bit them. Consciences, never a big Haitian product, are suppressed by an expensive First Class flight, exotic hotels, $10,000 per day per diem and a few thousand to ignore shortcomings in the process.

Everyone wins, except Haiti.

Special, bank grade paper is specified, to make it impossible for a Haitian company to bid, then the material is printed on toilet paper!

On a more practical level, PNUD does not pay local bills, unless it receives a “kick back” in the neighborhood of 30%. We know of one individual that is owed 800,000 gourdes, roughly $16,000 American Dollars. He has been told that PNUD will not cut a check unless he pays 30%!!

Someone should go to jail!!

Haiti is a cash cow for the UN via its various sponges – MINUSTAH, PNUD and all the other umbrella organizations, sent to save us!

And, I almost forgot that PNUD gets paid something like 8% to manage the funding for our elections. By the time PNUD, and its staff, takes 8%, plus the 30% “kick-backs” a reasonably inexpensive election becomes a Rolls Royce budget, with flat tires.

Emmanuel Menard, our previous CEP chief, refused to accept checks from PNUD. He insisted on being paid through our Finance Minister and wouldn’t play.

Of course, he had certain flaws that saw expensive renovations, of CEP headquarters, carried out by the husband of Valerie Milfort, renovations that were not needed.

Now, Opont, and his band of criminals, running the current CEP, will agree to anything in return for buckets of cash. They have already accumulated personal fortunes on the backs of Haiti’s children.

The entire situation is obscene!

John Kerry, America’s Secretary of State, flies in to give us a pep talk on what America expects. All of this while accepting the criminally flawed August 9th election in which something like 2% of the registered voters actually participated.

I guess that isn’t too bad in view of the fact Aristide was declared “winner” in 1990 when less than one percent of the votes had been counted.

If you check the current propaganda, thousands of foreign observers were supposed to be here, August 9, protected by MINUSTAH.  The only observers we saw were sitting in expensive hotel bars. A person would starve if he was counting on a $1000 bounty for each foreign observer he photographed at polling stations in our countryside.

And these phantoms were paid from the PNUD funding for our election. Big fee.

Gigantic Per Diem!

Elections are going nowhere.

The October 25th election is a non-runner.

Already the vultures are circling.

Many are pressing for a Transitional Government because they want something like that to last for a few years, allowing them to steal some cash. Transitional Governments freeze the Nation in time. Nothing gets done. No one will invest. We will be dead in the water.

The only way a transitional government will work is on the basis of Article 149 of our Constitution. This sees a Supreme Court Judge as Provisional President and election held within 90 days.

We can coordinate an inefficient election in 90 days as well as we can in 18 months!

What Haiti needs is a forensic audit of the electoral funding, followed by the arrest of all PNUD personnel who have stolen, cheated or benefitted illegally from the process.

Place Interdiction Notices against all members of the present CEP until criminality of their team is investigated and charges filed, against the guilty.
We need a new CEP and Electoral Law.

All candidates, barred from the present process, on political grounds, must be allowed on the ballot.

We should remove those with criminal records from the ballot.

The Haitian majority is not interested in Democracy, political parties, elections or any of that garbage. But the Blan insists that they have free-and-fair-elections, even if these words do not describe the unbelievably flawed actions the International Community accepts, on Haiti’s behalf.

Like a child, forced to swallow a tablespoon of cod-liver-oil…. Haitians will be expected to step up, tolerate the foreigners interference, stand in the sun to vote with papers that will never be honestly counted.

Why doesn’t Secretary of State John Kerry send us an e-mail with the results he wants, along with a check for the funds authorized for the electoral deception.

We won’t have a government of our choice.

We have never really had a government of our choice.

But we could spend the funding on rice-and-beans for our children, or Toyota Land Cruisers for our Senators/Deputies.

If you want to be really discouraged, CLICK on the following links.éricaine-soupçonne-un-vaste-système-de-corruption-au-sein-de-l’onu/ar-AAfbqi0?li=AAaCKnE&ocid=UP97DHP


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  1. By The Associated Press

    UNITED NATIONS — Oct 8, 2015, 2:05 PM ET


    The U.N. secretary-general is recommending that the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti stay for another year — which might be its final one.

    The head of the mission, Sandra Honore, told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that Ban Ki-moon wants the peacekeeping mission to extend for a year to help Haiti complete its upcoming round of elections.

    She says the mission also will help the country with an “orderly and sustainable” transfer to having national authorities assume responsibility for future elections.

    Honore told reporters that she is urging all parties in Haiti to avoid the kind of violent disruptions that marred legislative elections last month.

    The Security Council will consider the mission’s mandate later this month. The mission had more than 4,500 uniformed personnel as of late June.

  2. “Honore told reporters that she is urging all parties in Haiti to avoid the kind of violent disruptions that marred legislative elections last month.”

    Singing a different song!

    A few weeks ago this lady said the elections were 99.9% ok.

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