October 23, 2015

Jovenel Moise – accompanied by President Michel Martelly – appeared before a huge crowd in the center of Leogane this evening.

In the last big appearance, before Sunday’s critical election, NEG BANNAN outlined his plan for Haiti’s future.

He is really the only person with qualifications,  to deal with real challenges in fighting our ecological disaster, and renewing agriculture.

With the exception of Charles Baker, Jovenel Moise is the only one with  a deep, varied background in agriculture and engineering.

Another important factor is his non-involvement with the drug business, something many other candidates cannot claim. This should have some appeal to the International Community.

We wish him well.

We hope that Haiti will select NEG BANNAN – Jovenel Moise, as our next President.


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  1. I use to be a strong follower of this site. Mainly because of the truth Michael Collins brought to us. Mr. Collins use to be on point with the informatikn and on time, spot on! Lately, there has been some change of ship, different movement, new vision with Mr. COLLINS. Its sickening and embarrassing for a man of such determination to have a different change of heart from 5 hrs ago, a few months ago, weeks ago, and to now.
    1st elections I came to believe in Baker and Ceant due to Mr. Collins journalism. These two men I came to follow for years and saw their vision with their track record. Thanks to you Mr. Collins. Now, President Martelly have hi jacked to executive branch which I come to be bias and agree as long as he did good. Mr. Collins bashed him and his party throughout the entire reign of misconduct of the bandits in power. Then Mr. Lamothe came as a saver and he did as mjch as he could along with a few skeletons in his closet , but he did a lot. Now he’s out the game. Although all, Mr. Collins seems to be a fan or paid journalist within PHTK pockets. A lot has come to light with drug dealing, kidnapping, scandals in all sort and you remain Phtk rose et blanc fan. Whats going on here ? You are routing for this guy Jovnel, what happened to Baker and Ceant ? Wheres Lamothe ? We all no neg bannan is a puppet for el Michele

    1. IN REPLY TO Ayiti pap vanse
      Ceant and Baker have next to zero support, no matter how much you like them.

      Lamothe has chosen to drop out of sight.

      I still like Laurent Lamothe and believe he is the most popular person in Haiti – at this moment. Martelly made a foolish, and suicidal move, when he fired Lamothe, replacing him wih the terrorist Evans Paul.

      The Martelly team has a lot off very bad people circling, drug dealers, money launderers, kidnappers, thieves of massive bags from the national treasury.

      We shot on them with honesty.

      Haiti deserves better.

      Now, there is a choice between Jude Celestin, who has little going for him. He has a lot of skeletons in his closet including his involvement with Preval and Amarol Duclona in the murder kidnap of CNE’s Moreno.

      Moise Jean-Charles is just a disruptive element, paid by foreign interests, wishing to destabilise the Nation.

      We have associates inside the Celestin and Moise Jean-Charles teams and know what is going on, and what is planned.

      So, where do we go from here?

      We have looked at Jovenel Moise, NEG BANNAN, and see a positive future with his presidency. He has a lot of experience in agriculure and the ecology. He is a successful businessman, who has done a lot for his area, out of his own pocket. He is a peasant, who has overome a lot of challenges to become what he is.

      As President, you will see that Jovenel Moise will be his own man.

      Martelly plans to, says he will have control of NEG BANNAN.

      After a few months, Jovenel Moise will strike out on his own, following his own star.

      He is a very strong person, who will not take dictation from anyone – not even Martelly, Sophia, Kiko, the Mayard-Pauls and the band of brother criminals you refer to.

      Jovenel Moise is the best possible bridge to a future, a future away from 1990. The International Community will be pleased to deal with him.

      Moise Jean-Charles and Jude Celestin are a retreat to the past. Ceant seems to have lost his momentum, with the Narcisse team in action. Baker would be great, but will never be acceptable to the Haitian voters.

      I think that Jovenel Moise will surprise us.

      Who would you suggest as an alternative?

      Wait and see. I have not abandoned my tenacity for the Truth. However, one must pick the best alternative for Haiti.

  2. and you have a problem with Jovenel Moise due to his lack of qualifications or just based on the fact that he is associated with PHTK? No one else as qualified as Jovenel Moise-no one! PHTK has issues as do all of the other parties and Haitian politics will probably always be plagued with controversies/discrepancies. Jovenel Moise is the lesser of the evils.

    Do your homework! Don’t rely on a website to tell you who cheerlead for!! Oh, it is ok to evolve as you learn more facts about someone and/or their positions on issues that matter.

  3. Cheria , I’m not speaking from internet views. I know and been on the ground after the election. I know the PHTK team. So, chearleader ! Not quite at all. I was a chearleader of Sweet Micky,still to this day. I know he wants to do better for his country , but has allowed himself to be consulted by “stupid greedy non intellectual friends” he also aloowed himself be blinded by the money.
    Mr. Collins, I see my post took a couple days for it to be posted and then immediately followed with two responses; sweet! Howeber, sir no disrespect I still like your site and admire your dedication to Haiti and it’s children. However, you have lost touch. Continue the work and try to be more bias as you use to. Lamothe is not gone. You will be surprised to see an alliance that you never expected. Wait and we shall see yet another maneuver of Haitian politics.

    1. As the web admin, I should let you know that some commenters are already approved previously, and new comments from new commenters need to be approved by the web admin, due to the severe racism expressed by commenters in the past. Everything is screened, except for already approved members. I should also point out that Cheria was not actually talking to you, but addressing the author of the post that you were also replying to.

  4. Are we in the business of censoring here? Are all opinions welcomed? I noticed one of my comments never made it through your censorship and I doubt this one ever will. All credibility lost….

    1. Cheria- Calm yourself down a bit. Nothing revolves around YOUR comments, so don’t worry.

  5. and hear I thought it all came down to me! much for being Haitian….

    we are good… 🙂

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