Wyclef Jean, hip-hop singer, says Haiti election council used ‘trickery’ regarding bid for president-

BY Aliyah Shahid

Tuesday, August 24th 2010, 7:19 AM

Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean, center, shows his Haitian ID card as he submits the paperwork to run for president. He was barred from running due to a residency requirement.

Wyclef Jean is lashing out at the country he wants to lead.

On Monday, the hip-hop singer accused Haiti‘s provisional election council (CEP) of using “trickery” and violating the constitution when they barred him from running for president.

“Even before our work began friends in Haiti and abroad had warned me that much trickery would be used to block me. The result: CEP has proved it true,” Jean said in a audio message in Creole, which was distributed to the media in Haiti.

The AFP reported that the singer asked his supporters to “mobilize” against the council’s decision on Friday because the singer had not lived in Haiti for five consecutive years.

“They violated the constitution to benefit their families and their friends who continue to live off the people’s money,” the singer said. “Are you going to continue to support people who do not respect the fundamental law of the country?”

At first, Jean, 37, said he would abide by the council’s decision. But he later changed his mind, and announced on Twitter that he’d appeal.

But some are skeptical of his chances.

Pierre Thibaut, director of communication of the election council, said that there was no higher power than the council on election issues. He said the singer has the option to appeal but “the final decision rests with the council.”



Wyclef’s ill-fated candidacy is no longer a sorry joke.

TRICKERY – WHAT TRICKERY??? I assume that Wyclef can read, although there have been some comments about his educational background. His “degree” was given as an honorary one, and he NEVER attended the school that gave it to him.

The Constitution requires 5 years residence before the election.

Wyclef imagined that being an Ambassador at Large, with no official standing…for 3 years…would waive the statutory requirement of 5 years residence.

Give us a break, Wyclef.

You are now a willing, complicit  stooge for Preval, the guy who stole relief funds from the 2008 hurricane disaster and continues to pillage Haiti’s treasure.

You have probably taken 30 PIECES OF SILVER which would make your father, a pastor, proud of his son…..

You are now working to destabilize the nation you claim to love.

People will needlessly die because of your action.

Children will starve while you commute back and forth to the States in your executive jet, rather than sit in American Airlines Economy.

This is the real world, Wyclef, and we now know that you really don’t give a fiddler’s fuck for Haiti or its people.

Git mama!!



The President of the Republic


The President of the Republic is elected in direct universal suffrage by an absolute majority of votes. If that majority is not obtained in the first election, a second election is held.

Only the two (2) candidates who, if such be the case, after the withdrawal of more favored candidates, have received the largest number of votes in the first election may run in the second election.

ARTICLE 134-1:

The term of the President is five (5) years. This term begins and ends on the February 7 following the date of the elections.

ARTICLE 134-2:

Presidential election shall take place the last Sunday of November in the fifth year of the President’s term.

ARTICLE 134-3:

The President of the Republic may not be re-elected. He may serve an additional term only after an interval of five (5) years. He may in no case run for a third term.


To be elected President of the Republic of Haiti, a candidate must:

a. Be a native-born Haitian and never have renounced Haitian nationality;

b. Have attained thirty-five (35) years of age by the election day;

c. Enjoy civil and political rights and never have been sentenced to death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights for a crime of ordinary law;

d. Be the owner in Haiti of at least one real property and have his habitual residence in the country;

e. Have resided in the country for five (5) consecutive years immediately before the date of the elections;

f. Have been relieved of this responsibilities if he has been handling public funds.


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  1. You are absolutely correct.

    What was a simple farce is now becoming a serious challenge to our nation and its people. Wyclef will continue his life of luxury after he has destroyed our chance for a real election, the first since Duvalier left.

    Aristide may have won the vote in 1990…but the French embassy, through their illegal FM station located on embassy grounds, declared him winner at 11 AM with another 7 hours of polling due. Mayor of Port-au-Prince, and terrorist – put his MOB on the streets and anyone who demanded the right to continue voting risked his/her life.

    So much for democracy!

    We have never had Democracy…except under Jean-Claude Duvalier….the dictators.

  2. Wyclef is garbages

    He was suspect of stealing moneys from concerts in Haiti a few years past.

    No station would play his recordings.

    The man is same now as before, only he steals on bigger stage and cheats our poor. He charges his charity for his own performances. My goodness. Probably also charges for toilet paper he uses

    Some were proud of him

    Now, all are ashamed.

    Many simply embarassed.

  3. Wyclef does not know when to stop.

    he should have retired while he was in advance.

    It is sorry to see a prominent Haitian foolish himself and make us look retarded.

  4. With Wyclef as a troubler we will never have a vote and Preval will remain more in office.

    Iwished Duvalier was return to Haiti. He was the best

  5. I have had to reflect over this one today. The title was harsh, but your point is clear.

    He is a distraction.

    Prosper Senatus- You are correct about Duvallier.

    Aristide showed his insecurity when he disbanded the Army.

    Now, we are stuck with a pile of garbage for a government and rubble for a city, and corpses for a people. Half a million of us died. What the hell are we doing sitting down………

    Never forget those that are not here today to defend Democracy and the integrity of our Nation!!

  6. The title may be harsh, but people read it!

    The situation is harsh!

    Life or death harsh!

    Sometime one need to be blunt and catch attention to arrive at decent solution.

    Wyclef has let himself down and let Haiti down.

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