June 8, 2016

This afternoon Aristide/Privert/Preval Chimere lined up at the Justice Ministry o receive handguns and assault rifles, along with supplies of ammunition and license plates for the vehicles they will use tomorrow for their assault on Haitian society.

They hope to blame the violence on Michel Martelly’s PHTK political party.

Privert stated today, that the Senate and Chamber of Deputies had 2 days in which to authorize the prolongation of his Mandate beyond its June 14 termination.

If they don’t agree, he says he will take power on June 15, and remain for 2 years, at least.

Privert has many mental problems and should be hospitalized, or jailed.


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  1. Message recu: Distribution de cargoules, d’armes et d’argent au Ministere de la Justice

    Une distribution d’argent, d’armes et de cargoules a des policiers et a des bandits a eu lieu aujourd’hui 8 juin au Ministere de la Justice, sur ordre du ministre Camille Edouard. Tout laisse croire que le Gouvernement Privert-Jean-Charles se prepare a donner l’assaut ce soir pour reduire au silence les opposants. Privert a donne l’ordre depuis Dimanche soir, a l’Aeroport de Port-au-Prince, a la ministre de la Santé de proceder au retrait de la licence des medecins grevistes et a demande a la PNH a travers son Directeur General de mater cette greve en recourant a la force.
    Jocelerme Privert pourrait etre atteint d’une grande folie non diagnostiquee qui se manifeste chaque fois qu’il est au pouvoir. Ministre de l’Interieur il a mis fin a Tabarre a un conflit de terrain dans le sang, faisant plus d’une quinzaine de morts. C’etait bien avant le massacre de la Scierie pour laquelle il a ete mis hors de cause pour vice de procedure- le juge de la Cour d’appel ayant du acquiescer a la dictee de Rene Preval de reconnaitre l’incompetence des tribunaux ordinaires dans une affaire de meurtre apres l’assassinat du juge St-Pierre convoque d’urgence au Palais National. A l’epoque Privert etait Conseiller de Preval et convoitait de briguer le poste de Senateur des Nippes qu’il pouvaiit conquerir apres l’assassinat de Fenestor candidat tres populaire aux senatoriales des Nippes.
    Donc Privert est coutumier de ces coups. Il faut prendre tres au serieux ces menaces d’autant qu’il beneficie de l’appui du secteur prive haitien en general et du Forum economique preside par Reginald Boulos.
    A bon entendeur salut!

  2. Following reliable sources of information that the Government should have, suggesting the planning of imminent attacks by armed commandos against schools, public buildings and gas stations, the Ministry of Justice has decided to temporarily suspend all gun licenses throughout the territory of Haiti.

    “The Ministry of Justice and Public Security, brings to public attention, in general, and interested parties, in particular, that, following decision of the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN), dated June 9, 2016, all weapon carry permit are suspended temporarily, throughout the territory.

    Formal instructions have been passed to law enforcement, to the strict implementation of this measure […]”

    This measure that will be reassessed depending on the developments, concerns everyone, all institutions of the country including security companies with the exception of the National Police and peacekeepers who are allowed to move with firearms, specified the Minister of Justice Camille Junior Edouard which can not or does not want specify whether this is organized crime or hidden political hands, evoking only a criminal organization of high level very well organized…

    At the borders, controls were strengthened following of various information, reporting a significant increase in arms trafficking and the PNH is in a state of national alert.

    A decision very badly welcomed by the population and merchants who-according to them, leaves the field to bandits who have no need of gun licenses to realize their crimes.

    On the web this measure facing criticism, is described as senseless…

  3. Haiti – Security : Attack against a money transfer office, 1 dead
    11/06/2016 09:15:40

    Haiti – Security : Attack against a money transfer office, 1 dead
    In a note, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Camille Junior Edouard said “to have learned with dismay and bitterness the attack perpetrated, Friday, June 10, against a money transfer office in Delmas 32 and that resulted by one dead […]”

    While condemning this crapulous act, the Minister Edouard “[…] presents its sympathies to the victim’s parents, but also to all stakeholders within the sector.”

    The Minister stated, that such acts will not go unpunished, and he instructed the law enforcement to put everything in motion to put these criminals out of harm’s way.

    Moreover, the Ministry invite the population to cooperation with police officers, as part of the investigation to shed light on this odious act, finally recalling that any information that may help identify and apprehend the perpetrators will be useful to agents of the National Police of Haiti.

    The Minister recalled that the temporarily suspension of gun license throughout the country and reassures the population, entrepreneurs in particular that a firm response will be given to outlaw so that citizens can go about their business without fear.

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