February 22, 2011

While Madam Manigat appeared on TV, with a baseball hat sitting backwards, on her head, in a style expected of Michel Martelly, Martelly was interviewed in a neat, dark business suit.

Manigat, in her Sorbonne cultivated, self-proclaimed intellectual status, used multi-sylabbeles words to describe vague and complex solutions to challeneges she does not understand… Martelly dealt with the fact that Acquin did not have water for the population, a $25,000 challenge. Turning to Wyclef Jean he mentioned the problem…and received a “No problem,,,” reply.

And so Martelly deals with day-to-day problems, faced by our 9,000,000 citizens while Manigat addresses concepts that will involve a few major businessmen in Haiti, and the international community. Martelly and Wyclef can solve a real problem, with $25,000 and Manigat will create problems with her huge international concepts that – in reality – will mean Zip to the peasant in Bombardopolis.

Watching the television programs, back-to-back…one realized that the high-school drop out – Martelly – was presidential in his appearance and presentation. He was presidential in his grasp of the realities that challenge the common people.

On the other hand, Manigat, who claims the intellectual high ground, appeared as a frumpy old lady,  stuffed into a t-shirt and baseball cap, trying to look like a teen ager while she mouthed the usual political garbage.

Manigat is an embarrassment and her ill-health will see her in a wheelchair before the year is finished. Already, she cannot walk across a room and sits with feet elevated to ease pressure on her heart.

Some unkind people say she has an uncanny resemblance to a Jonothan Winters character on TV. We have included a photo of the Winters creation..Maude Frickert. She had more zip than Manigat will ever manage.


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