September 29, 2015

Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Lavalas President candidate, visited the State University to speak before students there.

Within moments, the situation deteriorated into a riot as students threw chairs, at their guests, and guests threw chairs at the students.

Punches were thrown in this exciting demonstration of Democracy in Action – Haitian Style.


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  1. If I was actually there, as a student, I would have organized 20 of my friends to line up with chairs, all legs forward, and pin the officials to the wall, then duck their heads.

    The rear group could then negotiate, with chairs in their hands, the officials heads vulnerable.

    What fools for setting up their chairs in a place with no safe exit.

  2. The UEH Executive Council condemns and apologizes
    01/10/2015 11:57:26

    Haiti – Security : The UEH Executive Council condemns and apologizes
    In a note, following the serious violent incident that occurred during the first day of the Fortnight Presidential, Jean Vernet Henry, Rector of the State University of Haiti, recalls that “Tuesday, September 29, at the premises of the Institute of African Studies and Research (IERAH / ISERSS), a group of students violently sabotaged the first meeting of the Presidential Fortnight organized in that institution. An unacceptable act within the confines of the university, which is a space for debates.

    The Fortnight Presidential is an initiative to provide a space to presidential candidates to present their program. It aims to enable students, to the other components of the university community and society as a whole, identify the ins and outs of the issues concerning the organization and general development of our society.

    Unfortunately, student intolerant, and violent come to bring a halt to this initiative. They verbally and physically assaulted the organizers as the guest of the hour, Professor Sauveur Pierre Etienne, a former student of the Faculty of Humanities and professor at the called entity.

  3. The instigators should be identified, from the video, and ejected from the school.

    There are many students who would like to study in their place.

    In America/Canada, the offenders would be charged with a felony, probably assault with the deadly weapon.

    It was fortunate that no one was seriously injured.

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