March 19, 2017

Many of your inner circle, in their wild combat for position and cash, will shield you from many realities that now exist within your Kingdom.

Even as entire families expire from starvation,  some will probably maneuver to hold expensive seminars in upscale locations for tiny segments of our society.

This was the favourite money skimming concept for Education Minister Manigat.  A Power-Point presentation and lots to eat with no positive result, other than some cases of indigestion. The opportunity to skim $100,000 or so – enough to buy several containers of rice and beans for your starving people.

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A Power-Point presentation and lots to eat with no positive result, other than some cases of indigestion. The opportunity to skim $100,000 or so – enough to buy several containers of rice and beans for your starving people.

Even as Martelly, Privert and Moise people play musical chairs, in an attempt to capture money-making positions in government –  (Cabinet appointments, Directors General, Secretaries General, ONA, Douane, OFNAC, APN) – the reality of our Haitian brothers and sisters plays out in Grande Anse,  and other areas debilitated by Hurricane Matthew.

Privert effectively derailed Haitian life for one full year, stealing these months, days, hours, minutes, seconds from each and every member of Haiti’s society. Some missed these moments, more than others. The losses had impacts on certain sectors, more than others.

The wealthy simply ignored the delay and spent time in Miami, at the beach, or other destinations with electricity, good phones service, Internet and unlimited food supplies.

For $200,  many spent time at INDIGO where there are no limits of how much you can eat or drink. Only your personal determination set the scales as to how many ice cream cones, omelets or pizzas you can devour.

Even as the affluent ate and drank themselves into uncomfortable submission,  those less fortunate, with no alternative, absolutely no alternative,  hoped for the best and experienced the worst, a slow march, crawl to Infinity.

Grande Anse is home to many of the more unfortunate.  Most of the Nation’s crops had been washed away. This district was one of the worst hit.

Immediately after Hurricane Matthew relief supplies flooded into Haiti. Because of Privert’s hate for Guy Philippe his associates stole, or simply blocked, relief efforts into Grande Anse.

The dedicated containers of food and material were sold on the commercial market. A box of Feed My Starving Children Manna Pak got Privert’s people     $10.00.

Children starved.

Starvation is a slow, painful, obscene and humiliating Fate for those who are trapped in its fatal embrace. A person, without food, will last 16 days. 4 days without water.

Those with a little food can linger optimistically for months until God finally, painfully  ends their agony.

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Jovenel, do not forget your roots!

Your people have put their Faith, actually in some cases,  their lives and futures, in your hands.

Some have already lost this gamble

Today, I received a phone call from a friend in Grande Anse.

Things had always been a challenge by Matthew added a new unexpected, unpredictable, unfortunate dimension.

They had lived through the Presidencies of both Duvaliers, and what followed to look hopefuls twards the elections. An old couple, whose children had long ago escaped to New York, now faced their greatest challenge, alone,  as their crops washed away and  mango harvest failed. The old man, and his wife, lived an isolated life with an old dog who had been a faithful companion for years.

Days slipped into weeks, and weeks into months as they consumed what little they possessed in the hope that salvation would not abandon them.

It is a painful death to die of starvation and they endured the claustrophobic fear of certain death as their final bits of food were consumed.

It is  a humiliating way for proud Haitians to leave this earth, slowly, slowly, slowly fading away until there is no energy to rise from where hunger has delivered them

Neighbors helped neighbor until there was nothing more to share. Some were lucky enough to have relatives in Port-au-Prince who absorbed them into households.

The old couple had no one.

Their children had long ago found visas for the States and now resided in New York.

The couple knew they were doomed and did not wish to die hungry.

They told their neighbors, facing similar situations, that they didn’t want to die hungry. And their solution was the final, ultimate one.

They ate their dog.

And then they committed suicide.

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Their lives flickered low then burned out like two candles in a darkened room. Neighbors found them close together, holding hands as they had throughout their life.

If this was a rare incident, one could feel a momentary sadness and shrug, before moving on.

It is not  a rare incident, having been mirrored in different locations, in different ways. All of this throughout the countryside as the peoples’ elected representatives avoid their responsibilities, playing games of personal gratification.

Enough is enough!

President Jovenel Moise do not forget your roots. The people count on you to save them, save their Nation.

The people are waiting.

Do not disappoint them

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Mother Teresa: “It is a poverty a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”



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  1. Guy Philippe was busy with a project to plant yams and some other food plants in his area when he was arrested and taken to Miami. Philippe was only inteseted in his people. He gave all to them Things would not be so bad if he was with them now.

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