November 30, 2014
They say “Politics makes strange bedfellows” but the idea of Haitian alliances, with the likes of Moo Manigat boggles the mind. Even the porn industry would turn to Jesus if this was all the material they had available!

Let’s be serious!

The Opposition, MOPOD, BIPOD, UNIPOD, TRIPOD, Manigat, OPL, DHL, FEDEX, Belizaire, Moise  Jean-Charles, Sophia and others have absolutely nothing on their agenda than the removal of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Their motivation isn’t a criticism of his abilities, it is simply an inborn trait, in Haiti’s society, to seek the downfall of any government in place.They are like the proverbial Irishman who flies to a newcountry and asks, as he walks down the gangway….”What is your government? I am against it.”

The nation has the best government, since 1986, in the form of President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. It has given the people – and I mean the people, not Manigat and a handful of discontents – HOPE. The Martelly/Lamothe government has also given some hope for the future in a possible continuation of power as Lamothe becomes President. Of course, this concept upsets those who want nothing more than to gain control of the bank accounts. Martelly already has enough of those people around him. This tendency will be attacked should Lamothe become President.

Of course, the fight against corruption has many powerful, wealthy opponents, who don’t care about anything more than financial gain.  Among these opponents are the Cocaine Cowboys who see a Lamothe Presidency as a challenge to their ongoing drug traffic. The retention of Preval’s Central Bank Governor prevented many court actions, or arrests. In fact it simple created a Continuity of Corruption.
The recent DEA operation with the helicopter assault on Leogane where a Kiko St. Remy associate, in the form of a senior PNH officer, was snatched and flown to Miami. The PNH officer is talking about everything, and everyone, in an attempt to reduce his sentence from 40 years, as a drug Kingpin –  to 18 months for “money laundering.” Oriel Jean, Aristide’s enforcer, received a similar treatment for his evidence against Aristide. But the Americans have never arrested Aristide and recently blocked a move, by Haiti, to do this. John Kerry, Secretary of State, pressured us in an effort to shield the Clintons, and others, who received money from Aristide. That is the way the American system works.

There are many Haitian examples, such as Fourel Celestin and Evens Brilliantz two MAJOR drug figure who now enjoy the fine restaurants in Petion-Ville or Miami, with their American visas still in place. The MOO Manigat/OPL, Moise Jean-Charles, Belizaire, OPL, MOPOD, BIPOD, TRIPOD, UNIPOD combo will follow a standard recipe for overthrowing a government, any government.

These steps can be used in any order and are not necessarily sequential.

STEP ONE: Will see an accelerating effort to generate demonstrations against the government. This was initiated many months ago, with minimal results. Fortunes were spent, paying demonstrators, who did not show up. Now the demonstrations have grown as participants are told to destroy and loot property. Students are an important ingredient in the demonstration process. It is interesting to note that the student organizations have publicly denounced the demonstrations and insisted that their names, organizations not be mentioned in this regard. As the protest movement grows, coordinators will arrange for a few shootings that see demonstrators killed, or wounded. This will grab the International Community’s attention. Belizaire, and Moise Jean-Charles, two experienced killers, understand this and are prepared for action. Belizaire carries an illegal machine-gun in public, and no one stops this.

STEP TWO: Will see the generation of BOAT PEOPLE as an effort to put pressure on the Americans. It has worked in the past. It will work in the future. Aristide was/is a master of this concept.  A small investment, during August, 1994, of $600,000 on BOAT PEOPLE forced/allowed Bill Clinton’s approval of the massive invasion, by 23,000 people. Aristide generated over 16,000 BOAT PEOPLE in August, 1994. September, 1994 saw fewer than 500 BOAT PEOPLE. There must be a lesson here. It must be remembered that history now shows Cedras was the “good Guy” and Aristide was the “bad guy” but the damage has been done. The Nation was destroyed. Cedras is stuck in Panama, his brother exiled in Miami and Aristide lives in luxury here in Haiti. Another message here, for anyone who cares.

STEP 3: This is usually an attack on the existing President, for corruption. Today’s situation is a different one as the Opposition threatens Martelly with attacks on his family members, Sophia, Olivier, and Kiko, for their numerous character flaws. Of course, the President has a few skeletons of his own. The Opposition is blackmailing him to gain his cooperation in the removal of Lamothe.

STEP 4: Sees attempts made to create strikes. Perhaps the Tap Taps can be bribed to stay off the streets. Bus service can be interrupted….  The massive majority, of Haiti’s 10,000,000 people really don’t give a damn about politics but become upset if their fragile effort to survive is upset. The Opposition will try to create hardships, no matter how many dies because of their efforts.

STEP 5: The media is paid to produce negative material. Don’t be naïve, the Haitian media could not survive on its sales and advertising revenues. It depends on simple, cold-blooded payments, from interested parties.

STEP 6:  We will suffer a variety of events that destabilize SECIRITY such a kidnappings, drive-by shootings, burning tires, car-jackings on way from airport, traffic blockages…etc.  Perhaps even a few attacks on radio station antennas.

Throughout this overall process, interested parties will be spending a lot of money in Washington, and elsewhere, to bend the minds of people who should know better, but don’t have the time, or interest, to discover the real truth about Haiti. This is already happening. Aristide is funding the Opposition, as is Senator Rudi Boulos. One wonders about the nomination of his brother to the Mickey Mouse Commission.
And we have that paragon of integrity, Gerard Gourgue,  the guy who, as a member of the 1986 CNG, released a load of cocaine traffickers in return for $2,500,000. In a smaller crime, he paid his daughter’s tuition with funds committed to the poor kids. Hardly the guy to be trusted with the Nation’s future. The rest of the Mickey Mouse Committee probably have similar flaws, but that is Haiti!

Instead of looking for the government’s collapse, we should be looking to the coordination of elections in 2015 – as predicted by both the Americans and Canadians 2 years ago. They have given “lip service” to immediate elections, while really expecting the in December, 2015. We should be looking at the Constitution, and repairing the damage done by Preval with his fraudulent amendments, forced upon is – at a later date – by the International Community. Martelly should never have agreed to this. But that is past. We must repair the damage. Let us all pull together to make 2015 a successful and prosperous year, ended with well-coordinated elections, properly supervised, that really reflect the will of the people.

Democracy will then have a chance.

If the Opposition manages to force Martelly into a position wherein he fires Prime Minister Lamother, we are all doomed.
President Martelly does not see the reality. Without Lamothe he will be gone within a few months and chaos will return an Aristide sponsored government to continue where they left off.
When President Martelly is forced from office the Opposition will revive the various dossiers against him, Sophia, Olivier, Kiko and a host of others. In which country will they find discredited exile? We are not optimistic as we view the people, egos, greed, jealousies, and mental limitations of those involved.

God protect us from our friends and associates.


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  1. Don’t be naive!

    The entire Kiko situation was personally initiated by President Martelly in a cynical effort to make Lamothe’s survival impossible.

    what are friends for?

    Haiti has no future.

    Martelly and Lamothe could have left a legacy but the present situation will leave nothing.

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