Haiti – FLASH : «We’ll occupy the street» dixit Godson Orélus-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth


Haiti - FLASH : «We'll occupy the street» dixit Godson Orélus

While the week should start with two days of strikes in the public transportation, threatening once again to paralyze the socio-economic activities of the country http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-13132-haiti-economy-two-new-strike-days-in-transport.html , the Prime Minister Evans Paul, in a recorded message Saturday, raises his voice and says it intends to take all necessary steps to regain control of the situation and put an end to disorder, in order to allow the population to go about their business safely “The authorities will take action against all perpetrators of violence, which disturb peace and order […] We are committed to respect the rights of citizens, to make reign democracy. But we are also responsible for making the rule of law reign. We are a responsible government. We will not tolerate disorder, disturbance of peace and public order […]”

To this end, the Prime Minister gave instructions to the National Police of Haiti (PNH), so that it takes all the provision deemed appropriate to end this anarchic situations that threaten the lives and property of the people.

Following these instructions, Godson Orélus the PNH Director General has stated in a message also recorded Saturday “[…] the PNH has received instructions from the Government so that we take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the population properly and arrest all those who want to make trouble in the country, in Port-au-Prince and in all departments.

When I say trouble, I mean the people blocking roads, burning tires on the streets, which break windshields, which set fire to the property of others, which attack those who go about their business.

[…] I have passed these instructions to the General Staff and all the police command in the metropolitan area and all departments of the country, to take all the provisions to allow non-only to ensure the safety of the population, but also to arrest all the people trying to stir up trouble on the streets.

[…] I will announces that following every case that we recorded, the Director General of Police with the High Command, this week we will not play with people coming creating trouble.

We are firm on that and the population trust us, only continue to work with us, sharing information with us, because when you do it, you make the police work more effective, not only to maintain order but also for your safety […]

[…] On the side of the National Police following instructions it received, all provisions will be taken so that you can go about your business freely…

[…] The Constitution gives everyone the right to demonstrate, to strike, but it does not give the right to prevent another person, who needs to go about their business, who needs to get to his work, to bring his children to school… […] democracy is not authorized to do all things…

[…] I asks the population to trust us, We’ll occupy the street, we assure you that the PNH will mobilize all its resources to be able to ensure your safety, so that you can go about your business, that people who want to strike do so, but that people who also want to continue to go about their occupations, can do so without worry.

Police walk at your side, collaborate with us to get the job best.”


The Chief is making his moves – moves that are too little, too late.
Orelus does not have the ability to run the force and does not have the respect of his men. This is a formula for disaster. There is no coordination, no spirit, zero.
With the destruction of th army – the FAdH – Haiti lost any ability to maintain law-and-order. This was the first step in Aristide’s lifetime goal to control all aspects of Haitian life – without interference.
He is close to his goal.
where are the Americans and the United Nations when you really need them??


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