Haiti: An alleged policeman murderer’s corpse under orders of Justice

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 13:48

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht)- The corpse of one of the alleged murderers of police Walky Calixte was placed under the orders of justice during the past weekend, according to Jean Renel Senatus. The government commissioner in Port-au-Prince has promised that justice will soon shed light on the assassination, which sparked protests paralyzing the town of Carrefour (south) and part of the metropolitan area last Monday.

The government prosecutor wants to quickly resolve this matter. “The investigation will not continue indefinitely this time”, reassured the Commissioner.

The government commissioner upheld the forfeiture of the corpse of a young man who allegedly participated in the murder of the policeman. “According to information we have gathered, one of the alleged assassins had been hit by two bullets, one in the thigh and one in the testicles in a gunfight with the police. Rushed to the Hospital in Delmas 31 (North), the suspect died of his injuries and his body was deposited in a private morgue in the capital, “said Jean Renel Senatus, noting that it is currently to the hospital morgue by order of prosecution of the Civil Court of Port-au-Prince.

After working all weekend on this case, Jean Renel Senatus confirms he ordered the confiscation of the corpse of the young man who was registered under the name Junior Ciméus in the private morgue. Accompanied by one parent in a private car, he was identified as the Junior Thermidor in hospital administration. He is also known also known as Johnny, “the official said the prosecution of the Civil Court of Port-au-Prince who sees a set of indices that could justify the thesis of his alleged involvement in the murder of the policeman.

The young man, who resided in the town of Carrefour, told his doctors before he died he had been shot near the Marine Haitienne, said Senatus, trying to make the connection with the assassination of Police Walky Calixte in Martissant.


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  1. this is the problem in Hait,senators,deputys,judges,policemen,all above the law.when will it end.Their will never be change in Haiti,if the ones that controls the rule of laws,write the laws.

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