Haiti’s President to step down on February 7

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Haiti’s President Michel Martelly has announced he will step down after February 7.

This follows two weeks of protests by the opposition in the capital Port-au-Prince, demanding that he leaves power.

“ I never wanted to stay in power for one day (than expected). Theres is nothing tugging me to stay in power. I don’t fear anything. On February 7, I am leaving. I won’t feel anything different. I am still the same person. Infact I will feel freer. The problems won’t be my responsibility,” President Michel Martelly, Haiti, while inaugurating an Interior Ministry.

The President initially said he will not leave power until there is an established succession plan due to the vacuum that will be created.

Haiti’s constitution requires President Martelly to leave power on February 7. A Presidential run-off was cancelled in January after one of the contenders, Jude Celestin threatened to boycott the second round of elections.

Meanwhile the opposition supporters continued to protests outside parliament calling for the Former President Jean- Bertrand Aristide to be made head of an interim government yet to be created.

“ There’s only one person who solve the crisis, and that person is Jean- Bertrand Aristide. Without Aristide there’s no solution, and that’s why we’ve been saying for two years we have been calling on Aristide to resolve this crisis,” one protester said

A mission from the Organisation of American States is in the country engaging all the political divide to find a resolution to the crisis.


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