Haiti’s Martelly, Indian Ambassador Hold Talks on Agriculture, Housing -Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly receives funding from India for a new housing project (Photo: OP Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti President Michel Martelly and Shri Rajasekhar, India’s non-resident ambassador to Haiti, held discussions Monday in Port-au-Prince.

The talks focused on areas including agriculture, housing, education and family planning, among others.

India’s government also officially handed over a $5 million check for the construction of 300 new homes in Haiti. The properties will be used to house some of those living in Haiti’s tent populations.

Martelly, who was joined by Foreign Minister Pierre Richard Casimir, commended India for its support in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010, which has left hundreds of thousands still living in tent camps, particularly around the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Martelly also discussed his desire to promote local Haitian products, along with the possibility that India could provide non-reciprocal preferential access to Haitian products in India.

India has officially extended an invitation for Martelly to visit the country.

Rajasekhar is based in Cuba.

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$5,000,000 for 300 houses makes the cost $16,666.66 per unit, more than enough for Haiti. In fact you could probably build 1,000 decent units, with the cash.

Unfortunately, the check has Thierry Mayard-Paul holding onto one end.

We are not optimistic.


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