Haiti’s Jacmel Celebrates Carnival-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Above: Carnival in Jacmel (Photo: OP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Haitian city of Jacmel celebrated Carnival today, two years after its plans for similar celebrations were derailed by the earthquake.

The carnival highlighted Jacmel, a city that is leading the charge for what Haiti hopes can be renewed growth in tourism.

Haitian President Michel Martelly, who recently completed a regional trip that saw him visit Venezuela, Panama, the Bahamas and Curacao, was on hand to celebrate in the city.

One of the stars was Jacmel’s architecture, whose typology, according to architect Mark Gilbert, is quite similar to that of New Orleans, itself no stranger to large-scale celebrations.

Jacmel’s carnival should not, however, be confused with the country’s national carnival, which will take place in Les Cayes over three days beginning Feb. 19.



President Michelly visited Jacmel for their Carnival and was greeted like a king. Martelly walked in the parade with no security to speak of, and mixed with the crowds of happy Haitians.

There was one unfortumate incident when Martelly and several others, were interviewed by a TV crew. Martelly gave a good comment about the Carnival and his government moves for the future. Senator Zenny and Lambert both gave good comments, with a little humor and then Senator Ben Aime did his best to make Martelly angry by pressing him about his citizenship. Martelly took it well, and joked back and forth with Ben Aime but Zenny was insulted a could possibly beat the irritant up before the night is finished.

Senator Ben Aime’s actions were an insult to Martelly…but they were also a gross insult to Zenny, Lambert and the people of Jacmel…and the Haitian people in general

Martelly was a class act in what could have been a very difficult, contrived situation.


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  1. The provocation was sponsored by Aristide. He hoped to make Martelly lost his temper but this did not work.

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