Haiti’s El Rancho Hotel Completes Construction, Set For October Opening

Above: the new NH El Rancho Hotel (photos: OPM Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The new NH El Rancho Hotel in Haiti has completed construction, the Ministry of Tourism announced.

The property, located in the Petion-Ville suburb of Port-au-Prince, is set for an official inauguration in October, a government spokesperson told Caribbean Journal.

As has been the case with several hotels in Haiti of late, the El Rancho’s opening was delayed: ithad originally been slated to open in February.

The project is a renaissance for what was, at one time, one of the country’s most famous hotels.

The El Rancho will include 72 rooms, according to the most recent information from the hotel.

It will be managed by NH Hotels Group, which is based in Spain.


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1 thought on “Haiti’s El Rancho Hotel Completes Construction, Set For October Opening

  1. If companies are putting their money in Haiti it must mean Haiti is moving forward and they are confident. I can’t wait to see this hidden gem(Haiti) back on her feet. We Just have to fight the propaganda that Haiti is the worst hell hole on earth. When in fact Haiti is beautiful and is one of the safest places in the Caribbean. However, The U.S and Canada (“Friends of Haiti”) keep on issuing travel warnings for Haiti! When the more dangerous near by nations don’t have any travel warnings! How is this suppose to help Haiti??????????? Second we need to band the NGOs that do not follow what the Haitian government requires! NGOs cannot receive money and do nothing with it then they blame the Haitian government like the government was the one who received the money. Another thing when ever the Dominican government has a member of government that mistreat Haitians we should enforce a boarder lock-down for a week causing the DR some cash flow. I know Haitians who do business across the boarder will be piss BUT it is crucial that neighboring countries respect us and our citizen when they are abroad. If we Don’t Start physically demanding what we WILL GET, we won’t get anything. I say “will get” because this is how our ancestors use to think they did not Hope. And yes boarder shut downs sound radical but sometimes radical is essential. We need to play whatever beneficial card we Hold because our image is tarnished and we “will get” it back to what it should be. an ale Hayti!(yes that is spelled right.)

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