May 17, 2016

Perhaps, Guy Philippe is really “The last Haitian Patriot!”

Privert is not a Patriot! Privert is LAVALAS and says LAVALAS will stay in the palace.

Privert – our “Hero of La Scerie”- has always been a strong, very strong Aristide supporter, “The Initiator of La Scerie” –  meeting many nights, at around 3 A.M. with “The Little Priest”  in his Tabarre lair. Privert uses a discrete side entrance on a side road. There is a basketball net, on the street directly in front of this doorway.

If there is one person Aristide hates, it is Guy Philippe. He has directed Privert to use Guy Philippe as a foil in the war to derail our electoral process and discredit the Non-Lavalas Opposition.

Two birds with one stone – or – in Aristide’s/Pere Lebrun’s  vocabulary – “TWO PEOPLE WITH ONE TIRE!!”

It is his last shot!

Privert is using the same approach used by the Nazis in 1933 when they burned their Parliament – the  Reichstag – to generate support against their opposition.

The supposed perpetrator was a Dutch mentally handicapped boy, with no political involvement.

He was executed.  Lips sealed!

Hitler’s number 2, Herman Goering,  was the guy who burned the Reichstag!

We now have a crazy, pointless “alleged” assault on the PNH Casserne in Les Cayes.  I say “alleged” because there was no purpose to it. Guy Philippe is the master tactician and would not initiate a bird-brained maneuver like this.

If he was targeting Privert, he would take Privert DIRECTLY!!


The assault on the PNH Caserne, in Les Cayes, and follow up propaganda, is a carefully spun web of material to justify moves against all opponents of Privert, the “Hero of La Scerie” in his move to gain prolongation, extending his Interim-Presidency towards Infinity, and beyond.

Privert must be stopped!

Privert must go – now – or on June 14!



Our Nation’s survival is in the balance!

During a recent campaign appearance by Jovenel with Guy, someone   commented, to Guy Philippe, that Jovenel Moise was lucky to have his support.

Guy’s reply was, and is very important.

Guy said, “I am not for Jovenel, or anyone else: I AM FOR HAITI!”

Michel Martelly is also for Haiti: Michel Martelly has no hate in his heart for people. He is a happy man and forgets yesterday’s insult.

This is not Laurent Lamothe’s type of scenario.

No matter what their present impasse might be, Martelly and Lamothe worked for Haiti. And they did not resort to violence or support violence.

On the other hand, Privert is a sick, and hateful person, who would have the simple man – in the Les Cays interrogation video – killed to momentarily hide the truth.

Watch this video and say a quiet prayer for this poor man’s Soul. He was sacrificed on the Altar of Democracy, by Privert,  in this murdering psychopath’s attempt to retain power.  The Presidency is not worth this one, anonymous, innocent man’s life.

Journalists of the world must seek this man’s identity and the factual details of his removal, from a jail cell,  elsewhere, and his forced appearance on the stage as a “member” of Guy Philippe’s imaginary assault on the Les Cayes Caserne.

He was some mother’s son, perhaps someone’s husband, someone’ father, someone’s brother, someone’s friend.

His memory, however slight, deserves the Truth.

This interrogation is being used as “proof” of Guy Philippe’s involvement. Those who understand Creole will see the man says nothing; Absolutely nothing to support the reality of any assault, or any involvement by Guy Philippe.

You only have this video to work with.

They murdered this man, in a Police Station!

We must also know why certain key PNH officers played their part in this criminal, traitorous charade.

They must be judged after Privert’s predictable departure.

Privert should be judged for this, and La Scerie.

It is not too late!

Someone is guilty.

It isn’t Guy Philippe!

We still owe Guy Philippe an enduring thanks for his nearly bloodless action in 2004 that sent Aristide into exile.






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  1. This article is exactly what Privert and Aristide were aiming at.

    A few war surplus uniforms, from Miami, and we have a “proven involvement” by ex-military – FAdH – personnel, when it is nothing of the kind!. Aristide used this, during the eighties, when his cocaine associate, Colonel Jean Claud Paul, outfitted men in uniforms from Miami. They attacked people and the Army was to blame.

    A claim that someone said Guy Philippe was involved (when the man said nothing of the sort) and people will believe this.


    Shouldn’t work, but it does.

    Privert’s game is perfect ploy to neutralize, and demonize his most dangerous opponents.

    Your article is a good one and may make people look behind the scenes, to see the puppet-master – ARISTIDE!

    Uniformed gunmen attack Haiti police station

    Dozens of gunmen have stormed a police station in Haiti, killing one officer and wounding at least two others. The shooters wore military-style uniforms. Some of the attackers died in a car crash while trying to flee.
    Symbolbild USA Polizeiabsperrung

    The attack on the police station left one shooter and one policeman dead, authorities in the southern Haitian city Les Cayes said on Monday.

    Regional police chief Luc Pierre said the assailants stole automatic weapons during the charge.

    “Gunmen in military fatigues attacked police headquarters around 2:30 am, they beat several police officers and took away a number of weapons,” Pierre said.

    Octave Jean, the head police inspector in Les Cayes, said there were as many as 50 attackers who “tortured” officers.

    “We were caught off guard but this will not happen again,” Jean said.
    Karte Haiti Les Cayes Englisch

    Military link suspected

    After the shootout, the attackers tried to drive away in a white van. However, the vehicle swerved off the road and into a ravine, killing three of the gunmen. Four men were captured, according to the police.

    Watch video 02:16
    Protests in Haiti over election chaos

    “We have control of the situation now and our investigation is under way,” the police inspector said.

    Jean confirmed that the attackers wore uniforms that appeared to be from Haiti’s disbanded military. However, it was not immediately clear if the gunmen had a military background.

    Haiti abolished the military in 1995 due to the army’s historical involvement in toppling governments and its crackdowns on dissent.

    Attacker points to paramilitary leader

    One of the suspected attackers told reporters that his group was “commissioned” to take over the police headquarters by an ex-paramilitary leader Guy Philippe.

    Philippe was involved in the anti-government uprising in 2004 and is wanted by the US for cocaine trafficking. This year, he threatened another uprising after Haiti was forced to cancel presidential elections and set up an interim government.

    On Monday, however, Philippe denied any involvement in the Les Cayes attack.

    Soldiers out of work

    Haiti has seen several incidents involving soldiers and their supporters during recent months.

    In February this year, a band of former Haitian troopers clashed with a crowd of anti-government protesters in Port-au-Prince, with the mob killing one of the ex-soldiers. The soldiers wore faded uniforms and carried weapons. Earlier this month, a group of mostly young men in green uniforms and boots blocked an entrance to Haiti’s defense ministry asking for work protecting the border.

    Former President Michel Martelly, who left power after the failed election, has reportedly pledged to revive the military. His political ally and presidential candidate Jovenel Moise also supports that plan.

    Darko Janjevic (AP, Reuters)
    DW recommends
    Haiti parliament elects provisional president

    After days of political uncertainty Haiti’s legislature has chosen an interim leader. Jocelerme Privert promised to ensure stability and see canceled elections finally take place. (14.02.2016)
    Haiti’s president leaves office to make way for interim government

    Haitian President Michel Martelly gave a farewell speech and departed his office with no successor yet chosen. A constitutional crisis was narrowly avoided after a last-ditch agreement. (08.02.2016)

  2. Perhaps Guy Philippe might be preserved in a cage for school children to visit.
    They could see what a Patriot looks like.
    As Americans say – and endangered species.
    Perhaps a breed of being that is dying.
    With only one you cannot make another.
    Very sad.
    When his time expires we can stuff him and display in museum.
    A memory

  3. And now Privert is moving to arrest Guy in Pestel.
    2 units on way this moment.
    hopeful Guy will be not possible to locate.
    Danger that someone might betray.

  4. This game was predictable.

    Guy is one real threat.

    By staging phony attack on PNH Caserne, and killing a PNH officer, this sets the PNH against Guy, and they have been his strongest supporters.

    Privert is moving to arrest Guy.

    Could use situation to declare a State of Siege and go for Marshal Law.

    Anything is possible with Privert.

    He will destroy anyone who stands in his God-like way.

    Privert is the Messiah on a Mission.

  5. 2 group PNH sent towards Pestel with command to detain Guy Philippe.

    I am hopeful our man will avoid them.

    There is danger here.

  6. 15 vehicles, and one MINUSTAH helicopter sent to Pestel with orders to arrest Guy Philippe.

    Men in vehicles are wearing PNH uniforms.

    They are not PNH.

    They are Privert’s personal team of Chimere.

    They were the ones who generated the attack on the Caserne in Les Cayes.

    Privert is playing a dangerous game.

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