July 29, 2015

You cannot be President for Life, but there is nothing in the Constitution that says you cannot be Prime Minister for Life!!

Think of it!!

The train-wreck will see VERITE  win the election since no one else, other than Martelly, has any money to campaign.

The turn out will be very light, probably less that 5% in our estimation. The CEP may claim more, but they lie a lot. The Haitian population only cares about the Presidential election.

The ass backwards approach – with Senate and Chamber of Deputies first is a formula for disaster – the Death of Haiti as a functioning nation.

Martelly has done something no military commander would ever do – divide his forces between BOUCLIER and PHTK. We have convoys of armed guys threatening each other. They are from BOUCLIER and PHTK.

According to Senator Boulos, Rene Preval visited the State Department on July 27 to tell them he would control the Senate, and probably Chamber of Deputies.

If they remember 1999 this should scare the crap out of the State Department, but their memories are very short. No longer than the last electoral cycle, at most.

Preval is pretending he supports Jacky Lumarque for President, but this is just a game of misdirection, to keep everyone’s eyes off the real – under the table move.

Rene Momplisair is spearheading the VERITE charge and we should remember he is the guy who put 1,000 people in the Montana Hotel swimming pool, forcing the International Community’s hand. Either they accept Preval, as President, or the Mob would burn Port-au-Prince to the ground.

That is how Preval Democratically won the election, last time in 2006.

Senator Rudi Boulos is warning everyone of the PREVAL PLAN which will piggyback on the AMERICAN PLAN.

Remember the AMERICAN PLAN. Parliamentary election – appoint a Prime Minister – rewrite the Constitution to eliminate Office of the Presidency.

Preval might play the game on into his eighties.

There is nothing else between us and disaster.

Haiti loses again.


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  1. I think a Junior/Senior year intern from either Georgetown or American University is babysitting the Haiti Desk at State for the summer months.

  2. Nous avons René Momplaisir promettant une manifastation le jour avant l’élection. Est-ce pour créer un soutien pour VERITE? Ou est-ce pour détruire l’élection? Très confus.

  3. Préval est un cynique. Il ne se soucie pas Haïti. Nous sommes dans notre situation actuelle en raison de Préval et Aristide.

  4. Les Américains sont stupides et toujours forcer la mauvaise situation de sur nous. Nous sommes insensé d’accepter. Préval et Aristide devraient être en prison, avec Martelly.

  5. We had a chance with Martelly and Lamothe. Without Lamothe the situation has collapsed upon us. And Lamothe has disappeared. Much sadness upon us.

  6. This is Haiti so the unrealistic becomes realistic.

    Your PREVAL PLAN has some foundation when we see the comments of Rene Momplaisir and the thrust of VERITE in the campaign. The final days will tell the story as a very small percentage will win the process.

    Looking at past examples I would expect 2 % – possible less.

    Senate and Chamber of deputies seats could be won with a dozen votes and we will be forced to live with this disaster.

    It has happened before.

    Why should today be any different.

    Martelly is moving to manipulate the vote in major ways.

    He may be surprised by Preval.

    No matter what, Haiti and Haitians will lose.

    Their conditions do not matter to the people in competition.

  7. Marisol
    A guy by the name of Admams is on the Haiti Desk.

    If you Google him he has absolutely to record there.
    That is some type of record – no record at all.

    He is a functionary, nothing more.

    Haitians think he has some sort of influence but he is a one way conduit for information, downward.

    And we all know what goes down a toilet.

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