Fight against corruption «zero tolerance»

Haiti - Justice : Fight against corruption «zero tolerance»

Thursday, at administrative complex of inche, former Colonel Antoine Atouriste, Director General of the Unit for Combating Corruption (ULCC) proceeded in the town of Hinche (Central Plateau) at the opening of its new regional office, and the installation of Me Michel Adias [45] as Departmental Director General of ULCC. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Departmental Delegation, of the Vice-delegation of Hinche, of the Chamber of Deputies, of various departmental directorates, and police and judicial authorities.

Speaking to the new Regional Director, Antoine Atouriste declared, “I invite you to show objectivity, impartiality and commitment to quality in all circumstances, because the state now requires, servants competent, dedicated and serious,” recalling that this office meets the wishes of the legislator, which has provided [in the decree of 8 September 2004 on the establishment of the ULCC], that this institution exercise its jurisdiction over the entire territory of the Republic.

With the implementation of these departmental offices, Mr. Atouriste believes he can make the institution more effective. With the opening of this new office, the ULCC is now present in 6 departments of the country.

Me Michel Adias expressed his firm commitment and wants at any price eradicate this scourge, which affects all the machinery of the Public Administration, throughout the national territory and promised to ensure the effectiveness of these measures and actions in order to fight and eliminate this scourge in all department, saying he will prevent, detect and punish at all levels the corruption. He asked for the proper performance of its mission, the help of all citizens and all institutions under its jurisdiction.

For his part, Antoine Atouriste has invited all the local authorities, including the prosecutor of the Civil Court of Hinche, to support the new Departmental Directorate of the ULCC.

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