August 6, 2015

For elections to be a success we need Confidence.

Instead, we have Confusion.

Each political party, or candidate  is authorized to place an observer at each voting site.  Lavalas and Fusion had their appointed representatives go to their appointed locations, only to find that they had been replaced by someone else – by CEP or Martelly… who knows? So Martelly has  control of each location, when it opens.

Borrowing from an earlier Preval concept, Martelly’s people plan to sleep overnight, at each voting facility, so they will be there, when they open, and can block the real candidate/political party representatives.

This will happen at all bureaus.

As a result, when the votes are validated, after the preliminary count – the count will be validated by the “counterfeit representatives,”  illegally signing on behalf of the political parties or candidates.

When the votes are accumulated at the central counting facility, more “counterfeit representatives” will validate the final results, which have probably already been calculated.

There are already hundreds of stuffed ballot boxes in play. An ONG was given an unsupervised contract to deliver ballots to all voting locations.They are subcontracting to others!  God only knows what will happen to some ballots enroute!!

MINUSTAH should have supervised this, not an ONG, with no experience, who will sub-contract to others. Instead PNUD gave the contract to amateurs.

There are no voter lists available at the voting sites.

Martelly, and Opont, his puppet CEP President would prefer that no one vote. Then the calculation will be much less complicated.

From day one the police – PNH – have been complicit with certain elements. They are with Michel Martelly, and have received a lot of money.

Complaints are filed with the PNH, about armed threats and weapons confiscated. The PNH then return the weapons to the criminals.

Problems could be reduced by transferring PNH from one place, to another, at the last moment, disrupting the criminal chain-of-command. Won’t happen!
CEP President Opont is supposed to be, should be, available to candidates/political parties 24/7 over the final days.

He has stopped answering his phone.

The CEP is out to lunch.

They have already taken millions in bribes so they are no longer interested in events. CEP members will probably use their American Visas to avoid the problems, and spend some time/money in Miami.

And all of this seems to be accepted, and validated, by the International Community, the Canadian, American and French embassies, and MINUSTAH.

Sandra Honoré, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Haiti urged people to vote, in a prepared statement shown elsewhere on Haitian Truth.

There is an old saying:
“If it looks like a Duck, waddles like a Duck and quacks like a Duck it is probably a Duck…”

In Haiti, replace the word  “Duck” with “Election” and you find     “It is  probably a Crime..”

We are supposedly watching an electoral process. Instead, we are watching a major crime, in which the Nation, its treasury and its Hope, the Hope of its People are stolen.

The resulting violence could really be stunning. Many will die because of the International Community’s new acceptance of another criminally flawed election in Haiti.

The People will be left, waiting for the  Democratic, free-and-fair elections – they were promised in 1986 – really a myth from Alice in Wonderland or some other fairy tale.

God is shamed, even if the International Community isn’t.


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