December 1, 2014
People in the International Community  are aghast –shocked at the fact Martelly has to create a Mickey Mouse Committee to solve a problem within his Nation.
In doing so, Martelly has created another problem, more dangerous than the first. It shows he cannot make the important decisions himself and has created  what, in reality is, a “Council of Government” if only for 8 days. Martelly has abandoned his authority, the Nation’s well- being,  to a team of questionable non-elected individuals, each with an agenda that may not be in step with the best interests of the Nation. Perhaps their decision has already been drafted. Perhaps it was drafted before the Mickey Mouse Committee was created! That wouldn’t be unusual in Haiti. Simply make a decision, and work back from it to form the answer.
Not brain surgery. Is his goal the suicidal, self-destructive resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe??
If this is the case, he has not taken a balanced view of all factors involved. The playing field is international – not the Sylvio Cator Stadium in a Port-au-Prince slum. The International Community was not really too pleased with the Martelly victory. After all, he had a few skeletons in his  personal closet and, immediately after his election, there was the Senator Bautista fiasco. Not a good start, immediately following his cousin Max Bellerive’s illegally generated contacts exceeding $350,000,000 after the quake.
With the addition of Lamothe, as Prime Minister, things began to come together. Martelly was rapidly becoming an adept, very adept leader, retaining his popularity, with the masses. Martelly is Popular, not a Populist, and this must be remembered. Together, Martelly and Lamothe worked towards a better, long-term future for Haiti in a community where the normal long-term doesn’t extend beyond next Wednesday. The Martelly/Lamothe team looked to the future, a real future.
Granted, they have made some naïve miscalculations but these are better than the cynical, tyrannical calculations of self-centered greed by Aristide/Preval. The International Community is satisfied with the Martelly/Lamothe government. It sees this team as a bridge, from the dictatorial past of Aristide/Preval, to a really Democratic future for Haiti’s 10,000,000. Martelly is about to squander the gains.
The Martelly/Lamothe team is the solution. It is also the Problem.
And, together they are the Solution to the Problem. A chemist possesses chemicals that can be combined to create a tasty, nutritious drink,,,, or a poison. Remove one ingredient and the successful formula becomes a disaster. The Martelly/Lamothe team is a winner on the International Stage.
Destabilize this because of local interference by MOPOD, TRIPOD, UNIPOD, UNITE, DHL, OPL, FEDEX and we will all suffer. A few will gain, but the Nation will suffer. The continued interference of Martelly insiders – non- elected – including Sophia, Olivier, Kiko, the Mayard Pauls, Valerie Milfort, and a band of hundreds, must be silenced.
The problems can be solved with a little thought. The Primature must be restructured.  Nothing wrong with this concept. The American, Canadian, French administrations do this on a regular basis.
A new and experienced team of political advisers must be created, supported by a smooth administrative structure. The communications, media sector must be given to experienced, committed people who know what they are doing, and where we are going.
Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

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