Mars 14, 2016

I thought – from his photos – that we were looking at a Bolivian Pimp!

But Fritz Jean is just the typical Haitian politician – a greedy,  unpatriotic criminal liar.

Today – Fritz Jean had his lawyers appearing on Haitian radio stations, telling us that Fritz Jean had relinquished his American citizenship in 2013.


He may have filed papers to relinquish his citizenship – in 2013 – but it is not an instantaneous process. To finalize this process, you require a Certificate of Release, from the Internal Revenue Service. This can take years, especially for a Haitian who probably didn’t’ do his tax paperwork properly – if at all.

He would have to pay all taxes, plus penalties.

The simple way to test the truth of Fritz Jean’s claims is to fly him to Miami and see which passport he uses to enter the United States.

American law allows dual citizenship. The only requirement sees a person entering, or leaving the States use his American passport. He can then fly all over the world, with his other passport…. But, on return to the States, he must enter with his American passport.

And Fritz Jean never received a discharge from his time with TELECO. The auditors said it was so badly run that they could not release anyone. Fritz Jean should have been arrested.

Fritz Jean should be arrested.

The PRIVERT PLAN is very simple.






The  Nation has little time, and Privert is doing his best to waste it in an effort to run the clock out.  We are wasting time on ratifying  a new PM when Fritz Jean is not legally acceptable.

The CEP is taking forever.

In fact –  “ The Hero of la Scerie, “  Godlike Privert,  has stopped the clock by refusing to recognize Daylight Saving Time, as did Aristide, years ago.

He has attacked the head of our courts system, saying Cantave is not worthy and therefore cannot replace him as Interim President.

Even before the new cabinet is approved, Privert’s Minister of Justice, Florence Elie, has taken her position in the courtroom as the Brandt kidnap case moves forward. My God, she is a private citizen, with no legal standing, but reflects Privert’s massive ego.

Privert has blocked the sitting Prime Minister, Evans Paul, from entering his residence, using CIMO for this unconstitutional task.

It is plain for all to see. Privert is moving to create a Lavalas dictatorship with him as its chief.

Unfortunately, our media observers are right, for a change, as they criticize our politicians for what they are. Non-Patriots only interested in American dollars. Otherwise, the Chamber of Deputies, and Senate, would solve the crisis and replace Privert with the head of our court system, as would be the case under Article 149 of the 1987 Constitution.

It was a dumb move to accept the Senate President as Interim President.

One of our leaders made Privert’s appointment possible by paying a lot of cash into the Chamber of Deputies and Senate after the first vote.

Martelly should have stayed, until elections, under Article 136 as did Preval, during an earlier crisis.

We would not be faced with this accelerating disaster, a disaster that deepens and threatens our future – with no easy solution available.

Before Privert, Jovenel was the obvious winner, of any run-off election.

With the Privert delay, and PHTK arrogance, Jude Celestin is working behind the scenes and may deliver a big surprise, if and when a vote is finally held.


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  1. Privert was supposed to provide a simple bridge to the April 24th election, not become “The Story” as he moves to control a variety of non-associated parts of society.

    Each of his moves has presented a time-wasting diversion.

    The elections have been effectively, quietly shelved.

    By using up resources on non-involved elements, Privert is squandering Haiti’s chance for a real election.

    His refusal to recognize Daylight Saving Time is more subtle than first appears. It demonstrates his perceived ability to stand against the Blan. The fact he changed his mind three times, over three days, will not be remembered.

    Now he warns the public of imminent power Blackouts.

    These will provide the basis for an attack upon the Martelly/Lamothe team as he has his Minster of Justice – Florence Elie, arrest a series of people. Her actions will effectively neutralize Laurent Lamothe, freezing him in Miami, rather than risk arrest in our arrival lounge.

    Remember, Florence Elie, in partnership with Concannon, the Aristide lobbyist, coordinated the Raboteau Massacre Trial that saw a non-event become a publicity that saw many innocent people spend many years in jail for crimes that were never committed.

    The 4 month life of the Privert government may be a very costly one for Haitian stability.

    Watch as Privert switches focus to Barbier as Prime Minister.

    I believe Privert knew of Fritz Jean’s problems and used him as another delaying factor.

  2. The greater the delay the greater Celestin’s opportunity to win.

    Jovenel Moise will pay the price of attacks on Michel Martelly and Lamothe.

  3. Should have remained PM Evans Paul and his Cabinet in place to coordinat elections.

    We waste much time upon unconnected problems created by making new governement.

  4. Haïti/PNH/Sécurité

    La Police traque les bandits

    Des agents de la Police Nationale d’Haïti ont conduit hier soir, lundi 14 mars 2016, une opération dans la commune de Carrefour, plus particulièrement à abonnés Brochette 95, visant à traquer des membres de bandes armées.

  5. To Jack Peters- Where is Lamothe? Is he in D.R., Miami, or U.S.? I didn’t understand the innuendo about being arrested upon return to Touissaint L./PAP Airport-can you explain more-thx

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