Au nom de l’auteur intellecutal »de Jean Dominique assassiner parle-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

ATLANTA, USA ( – Former Senator Mirlande Liberus said on Tuesday that she was not surprised that the investigation into the 2000 murder of journalist Jean Dominique named here as the “intellectual author” of the crime.

During a radio interview, the former head of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy said she would consult with her lawyers and provide a response to the accusations.

It deserves to be noted that Judge Ivikel Dabrezil said on multiple occasions throughout the 6 year investigation, that began with establishment of a commission by former President Rene Preval, he had requested her response to the accusations made against her by others interviewed, but she had never entered the country or responded to summons.

Liberus’ first response to the report of the investigating magistrate was on Monday during an interview with Radio Continentale.

In the interview, the former head of the Jean Bertand Aristide Foundation for Democracy said she was also happy because the accusations had set a fire in her heart to move forward.

“I can’t be surprised and at the same time this reinforces my conviction that ‘this country has to move forward.'” In this sense, I would be very happy to bring clarifications but I don’t think it is necessary to bring clarifications when I have lawyers in Haiti and lawyers in the United States who have not consulted me on which way I should go and how I should respond.”

“So, I believe I will contact my lawyers, both of my lawyers and at this time I will react, and I will react in a clear and honorable fashion.”

“I will say vehemently I appreciate this. I feel this is something that has made me hot, in my heart, and I qualify the solidarity that has been made towards me and my family, and I won’t forget this… and this reinforces my conviction to move forward…”

“…because since my existence, at the age of 12, 15, 16, I have been in activist for justice, for peace, for everyone to participate in democracy, so that everyone can live with dignity… I believe the job is not done… and after 14 years, for this friend, Guy Delva, to react like this, I believe the job has been good and this gives me strength for me not to move back but move forward.”


Talk about obfuscation.
Paragraphs of smoke and mirrors.
His proper interrogation will produce interesting details, leading to Aristide himself.


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  1. Why does she need to contact her lawyers to TELL THE TRUTH?!? If you did not do then say you did not do it! She keeps saying all this bull about how proud she is that justice is being served and we are moving forward– she is clearly avoiding the subject.
    6 years. she had six years to talk to her lawyers and it is now it is occurring to her that she needs to gather her international team of liars to give her consey about a crime she had or had no part in. Just tell the truth! Since she is all about justice, this should not be hard for her to do.

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