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May 13, 2017

Jovenel did not create the problems!

Our President inherited them, an accumulation ever-expanding since 1986, with no effort to control the situation.

Now President Moise would like to cure the situation in one cold water bath.

Like drug and alcohol addiction, one must deal with corruption in a gradual manner, so the body adapts to new circumstances over a period of time.

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Instantaneous action – COLD TURKEY – often kills the patient. In this case the patient in our Nation – Haiti.

Populist presidencies avoided irritation of the Mob and, by doing so, avoided corrective actions that would have seen our economy in stable, solid condition instead of the near bankrupt environment that now exists.

Previous – and the present government – have been supported by Cabinets selected for their services to the Chamber of Deputies, Senate or other focuses. Actually, I have worded that wrong. The Cabinet Ministers are often of service to specific Deputies, and Senators, not to the Senate of Chamber of deputies as an institution.

Cabinets are never made up of the best people for the position. We end up with a variety of incompetents possessing divided loyalties, rarely to the Nation.

Cabinet Ministers then bleed their specific ministries of funds, distributing cash to individuals who then support mistresses and other luxury side benefits expected from their elected positions.

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Petrocaribe Funds were spent with reckless abandon, leaving future generation responsible of repaying this debt. Had the funds been expended constructively, Haiti would be in a much better situation than now exists. Unfortunately, Master Criminals, such as Rene Preval and Max Bellerive, with the complicit support of Central Bank Governor Castel, pillaged Petrocaribe accounts, making the criminals rich, while Haitian children starved.

The Martelly government promised to bring Bellerive and Preval to Justice over the $198,000,000 they were responsible for taking from Petrocaribe.

Never happened!

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Governor Castel is rumored to have accumulated at least $1,000,000,000 from his term in office during which he made an illegal devaluation of something like 15% on behalf of the Dominican Republic’s interests. Many believe he must have been  complicit in the Petrocaribe crimes. Without the Bank Governor’s participation, the crimes could never have happened.

Observers wonder why these major criminals are not arrested, tried and jailed.

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Unfortunately, the society is riddled with corruption, like a Swiss cheese. It is impossible to find enough uninvolved people to accomplish a clean-up.

Better to do away with the Evangelist, than to aim at the  elimination of corruption.

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Latortue, President of the Senate, and Chancy, President of the Chamber of Deputies, are working to collapse our government, the Jovenel Moise government. Latortue wants to be president and Cholzer Chance is the classic case of corruption out of control, having amassed a fortune of more than $33,000,000 while generating a reportable income of less than $1000 per month.

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Communication, or lack of communication, is the root cause of ongoing problems.

The Jovenel Moise team is busy being busy and so focused upon being busy that real problems escape their focus. In fact, the focus of being busy prevents many from opening their Whatsapp, e-mails or dossiers because their time is taken up with this busy business.

Appointments made, but never kept.

Appointments made, kept, then delayed to a time that is never honored. Inefficient.

Come on guys!  Who can waste time reading dossiers when they are busy being busy?

No delegation of authority!

Unless something drastic is done, the “being busy sickness” will see the patients in rehabilitation with time to relax from the business after the government collapses and they are out of a job.

If the Jovenel Moise team does not do something, the pressures of reality will see it collapse, perhaps under the pressures of our GAS CRISIS and the approach of SCHOOL OPENING.


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