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Manifestation of Famni Lavalas
Fanmi Lavalas has announced “a demonstration Wednesday, May 4 in support to the Independent Commission for Evaluation and Verification Electoral… he people want the truth about the elections of August 9 and October 25, 2015…”

Jude Célestin does not fear the Commission
Jude Celestin, candidate for the presidency under the banner of LAPEH party, qualified for the second round affirmed having no fear about the verifications of the Commission, but warns the members of the Commission, against any prefabricated report. According to him, there is need for the findings of this structure are the result of a serious investigation, and it must it work faster to achieve the organization of elections.

May 1, words of Martelly
Sunday on the occasion of the Feast of Agriculture and Labour, former President Martelly declared “the accompaniment to peasants and farmers, as remote they may be on the national territory, constitutes a major challenge within the framework of a long-term approach to stimulate domestic production. Let’s makes ours this pressing need !”

PM at the patronal feast of Jacmel
Sunday, Prime Minister Jean-Charles Enex accompanied by several members of the provisional government and parliamentarians attended the patronal Mass of Saint-Jacques and Saint-Philippe of Jacmel, which coincides with Labor Day and agriculture. However President a.i. Privert, could not get to Jacmel because of his health

A former of “Pitit Dessalin” Spokesman of the Presidency
The citizen Eddy Jackson Alexis was appointed Deputy Spokesman of the President a.i. Privert. Eddy Jackson Alexis was responsible for Communication of the Platform “Pitit Dessalin” before becoming a member since February 14, of the particular Office of the President a.i. Jocelerme Privert.

Fanmi Lavalas careful on the Commission
Shiller Louidor, Fanmi Lavalas Party spokesman indicated about the Commission of Verification “We will not accept all the recommendations of the Verification Commission,” suggesting that Fanmi Lavalas, will refuses decisions not allowing its presidential candidate, Maryse Narcisse, to access to the second round…

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