Yéle Begins Vocational Training for Construction Jobs

PORT-AU-PRINCE, January 24, 2010: Yéle Corps has expanded to include job training. We continue to employ 2,000 workers cleaning streets and canals, but to this has been added the Yéle Corps Vocational Training Program. The first 120 students began studying carpentry, masonry and plumbing and are now starting their third week of classes. After successfully completing the six month course, graduates will be helped to get jobs in the construction field and be ready to contribute to the massive task of long term reconstruction of Haiti. Three quarters of the students were chosen from among the best performing Yéle Corps workers, and this will continue to be the case when we begin the second term with the next 120 students who begin classes in June.

The Vocational Training Program is a joint initiative of Yéle Haiti and College Esaie Victor, and is undertaken with financial support from theHope for Haiti Now Fund and additional support from the BET telethon “SOS Saving OurSelves”.

PHOTO: The first 120 students (in blue t-shirts) in the Yéle Corps Vocational Training Program gather with representatives of Yéle Haiti and College Esaie Victor for their first day of classes on January 11. Photo credit: Lee Celano / Yéle Hait


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