Wilson Laleau presents the Electronic Single Window

Haiti - Economy : Wilson Laleau presents the Electronic Single Window

As part of the modernization process of registration of limited companies, Wilson Laleau, Minister of Commerce and Industry, proceeded this week at the presentation of the Electronic Single Window (GUE) to the Metropolitan Industrial Park (SONAPI), to representatives of Chambers of Commerce and private sector operators.

The Minister Laleau declared “the public will finally be able to use this new modern service, despite the difficulties encountered in the computerization of the entire process, the time required to start a business in Haiti are reduced to their simplest expression […] the idea was to reduce delays, from 105 days to 10 days. We worked to achieve the goal, but, there were some difficulties for us to automate the whole process, but now we are able to reduce the time, as we had planned, and in this perceptive, we can say that the project is well advanced and we wished to present it to stakeholders who will have to use it. Today is the Chambers of Commerce and private sector operators, that we invited to introduce them the tool. Thursday [22 November], we will present the same project to notaries and lawyers and then we’ll do the official opening and the public will be able to use this service. Of course we must add that the objective is to allow to anyone from across the world where it is located, to be able to incorporate his company […]”

Three steps are required: Online access to electronic commercial register to check the availability of the company name. Automatic creation of all the legal documents required [charter, constitution, share certificate …]. Pay the costs associated with the Company Registration as well as payment to the BNC, of 25% [minimum legal] of capital social.

Mr. St├ęphane Bruno, members of the Project Committee has presented the technical details relating to the use of the Electronic Single Window “The final objective of this project is to reduce the time to 10 days, to create a limited company […] With this intermediate step, we have already reduced by a certain number of days, for example the research in the archives of trade takes a few seconds instead of a few weeks, but at the outcome of the project this is the computerization of the whole process thus, the entrepreneur will be able to follow the evolution of his file until the publication in Le Moniteur, so it is an intermediate step, which gives a taste of what will be the service when the entire computerization process will be completed…”

The creation of the GUE, is part of the policy of the administration Martelly-Lamothe aimed at modernizing the services provided by the Haitian government to its citizens and those abroad. This tool together all the actors involved in the process of registering a limited company in Haiti. With this new modern service any investor, regardless of where it is in the world in seconds, can have access to available information and check on the ministry’s website, if the name that it chose for his company is available.


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