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August 13, 2018

In early American Western Films, the good guys rode white horses and wore white hats.


The bad guys rode black horses and wore black hats. Our Senators wear black hats. Perhaps there is a message here!


Our Parliament is poisoned. Instead of doing what is was elected for, and required to do in accordance with the Constitution, our Senate/Chamber of Deputies requires payment in order to vote. When Martelly was about to step down there was a move to follow an Article 149 solution and place Justice Roc in place as Provisional President, until elections could be held in 90 days.


The Chamber of Deputies demanded $3,500,000 to do this. There was no cash available so we ended up with Privert, who gained approval by promising his associates future cash, when he was in position.

And when Michel Martelly wanted to use Article 136, as did Preval, to hold our Nation together. Privert blocked this and – some suggest – paid the OAS rep several millions  to approve his own Presidency.


Haiti is a “Pay to Play” society and we must move away from this, otherwise a guy with an Unlimited American Express card can rule the world.

Perhaps the Americans can assist by canceling a few Visas. Confine the criminals to the cesspool they have created.


With the selection of a new Prime Minister, the Jovenel Moise government has another chance to attain the success it deserves, the people deserve, the Nation deserves, and the International Community expects.


This is also – in many ways – the last chance as our Nation staggers on the edge of the abyss, placed there by an irresponsible, self-focused  Senate, Chamber of Deputies and some members of the business community, all focused upon expanding their foreign bank accounts, at the expense of our society’s well-being.


Jovenel Moise set out to create his miracle and these groups have effectively blocked his way, swallowing his efforts in a quicksand that threatens any  possibility of success.

Many of the problems President Moise faces are Time Bombs left behind by previous Lavalas administrations.


Probably forgotten, in the face of today’s immediate challenges, was the “Privatization of Government Business,” forced upon us by Bill Clinton, sidestepped by Aristide, and finally imposed by Preval.

Duvalier once told me these government owned businesses  provided funds needed to meet the majority of Haiti’s budget. In fact, they provided economic independence, an  independence Clinton could not accept. He wanted Haiti to be dependent, more easily controlled and so, Bill Clinton, forced a dictatorship of foreign finance upon Haiti.

So Clinton made us totally dependant and now we are now being criticized for not being able to manage our own house, when the American/Clinton team removed its protective roof.


Preval carefully “sold” these key business enterprises to friends, who now reap massive profits from this crime. Preval’s wife is a major shareholder in SOGENOR.


At the moment, ELECTRICITY is a key challenges and the Preval 50 YEAR CONTRACTS – probably constitutionally illegal – give three groups the right to rape our economy to the tune of $23,000,000 NET per month. SOGENOR, HAYTRAC, and E-POWER should have their contracts revoked.

And, the Lavalas criminal Privert left many time bombs by hiring thousands into the civil service, appointing Gedeon as Director General PNH, and giving a 27 year contract of control for APN, the docks, to some guy who now reaps $61,000,000 with the government getting $21,000,000.  A situation similar to one in which you “own a chair” but must pay someone for the privilege to “sit on it.”

Another Black Hat – Youri Latortue controls the APN and Douane in Gonaives, via relatives he has placed in control. He has ONA as a personal pocketbook for his family and fellow Senators.


There are dozens of other elements that should be rectified.

Between taxes due, customs and dock charges, Haiti would generate to funds required to meet Haiti’s modest budget of something near $1,200,000,000. .. while the Dominican Republic’s budget is about 10 times as big.


In fact, the groups causing the problems should realize that the chaos they create will ultimately have an extremely negative effect upon their own survival. The International Community, and especially the Americans, understand and recognize the forces in action – behind the scenes.

The are watching as some Senators/Deputies deposit money in South African accounts, believing these are secret.


Through their ongoing foolishness, in fact stupidity – these greedy criminals  risk creating a Tsunami that wash away many elements in an final, forced action of purification.

We have a major drug community, that permeates all major sectors of society – business and political. It is naive to think that our American associates do not have a dossier – frightening in its specificity – as to who is involved, how much they make and, more importantly, where their money is stashed.

There are no secrets in the financial world. Sometime actions are known, but ignored, for other reasons.

Opposition elements are preparing for a more sophisticated assault on our Democratic Institution. These are not “Political Opposition Elements’ they are just  “Elements against Stability.” The require chaos for survival.


The Fuel Crisis was a useful focus for trouble.The government had to find the cash to pay for the increasingly expensive fuel. The situation was badly handled and one must wonder as to whether or not some “Opposition Elements” within  the Jovenel Moise government used this to embarrass our President.

And, as of this instant, service stations are telling us to fill up because there is about to be another shortage!


Most of our problems are created by a lack of communication with our 12,000,000 citizens. Once an electoral cycle has ended, no one considers them. Our people are practical and will understand the challenges if these challenges are explained in simple, easy to understand terms.

If this is not done, we will rebound into another, more threatening crisis.

Aristide may be physically ill, but he is still a formidable factor in this game, playing his game of chess from the privacy of his Tabarre fortress.


He is but one of the elements, threatening our survival. We need a “Man on a White Horse,”   to save us from a predictable, and imminent collapse.

Someone must set the odometer back to zero. Someone must at least reduce the level of uncontrolled corruption, or we are doomed.

The World will walk away and leave us to our Fate.



But the question exists, is there A MAN FOR THE MOMENT?

Time will tell.

But we do not have much that precious element..

The clock is ticking.



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