Violent clashes in Haiti’s capital after disputed elections- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Clashes between protestor and Haiti’s President Michel Martelly supporters results in one death after the opposition disputes election outcome

One person has been shot dead and another has been wounded by a machete blow to the head after violent clashes broke out on Friday in Haiti’s capital.

The skirmishes took place between protesters, who are against the first round presidential election results, and supporters of current president Michel Martelly.

A wounded protestor is carried away after recieving a machete blow to the head (APTN)

Protesters from several political parties say the results of the 25 October presidential election are fraudulent and that President Martelly manipulated votes to give an advantage to his preferred candidate, businessman Jovenel Moïse.

Martelly supporters and protesters hurled rocks and other objects at each other in the streets of Port-Au-Prince.

A protester throws a rock during clashes with residents in a neighborhood known for it’s support of the ruling party (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery)

Tires were set on fire throughout the protest and anti-riot police tried to take control of the streets.

Several major candidates have alleged fraud and voiced concern that the first-round presidential results do not accurately reflect national will.

Supporters of the opposition political parties march to protest against the results that favour the Haitian President Michel Martelly (Hector Retemal / AFP/Getty Images)

Maryse Narcisse, the presidential candidate of the Fanmi Lavalas was among the hundreds of people who marched on Friday before the protest turned violent.

Moise and former state construction chief Jude Celestin will advance to a runoff election for president on December 27.


The violence – some of it – originates from withing the crowds. One lady suffered a leg wound that could only have been inflicted by someone, standing beside her.

Another person, reported killed,  is only wounded.

The coordinators, of the demonstrations, are doing their best to create confrontational situation in which people will be killed.

This is the old formula, used by Preval and Aristide. If it works why change it?


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