February 1, 2013

Mais VANESSA LAMOTHE est née en Haiti à l’hopital du Canapé Vert à Port-au-Prince en HAITI.Son pere Willy Lamothe ainsi que sa mere sont de nationalités haitiennes.

Vanessa Lamothe est haitienne et elle n’a jamais renoncé à sa nationalité.

Elle a étudié en France .

Son pere est le batisseur des villages Lamothe à Delmas et à Peguy Ville. C’est grace à son pere Willy Lamothe que Peguy Ville est developpée et les Lamothe ont été les premiers à construire à Peguy Ville.

Elle a fait de tres brillantes etudes a Paris .

Elle possède toutes les qualités et toutes les qualifications requises pour exercer ce poste qui lui est accordé a l’Ambassade d’Haiti en France.

De plus,Vanessa Lamothe a recu l’autorisation du gouvernement francais de commencer à fonctionner au titre d’Ambassadeur.Ce qui prouve que Vanessa Lamothe n’est pas francaise.

Le peuple haitien est tres satisfait du choix de Vanessa Lamothe comme ambassadeur d’Haiti en France.C’est une occasion de plus pour le renforcement de la diplomatie haitienne. La diplomatie haitienne a besoin des hommes et des femmes compétents comme Vanessa Lamothe.



It is time for our so-called Parliament – Senate and Chamber of Deputies, to stop working against the Nation. It time for our “elected officials”  to do what they swore to do – work for the betterment of the Nation and its people. Otherwise the entire Martelly presidency will be wasted on stupid debates, by stupid people, on all sides of the fence.

Vanessa Lamothe is Haitian. She is not French, so let’s get off that crap. And let us not revisit the stupidity of Moise Jean-Charles and go back to wondering if Martelly is American, Canadian, French, Columbian or, perhaps, from Mars.

I personally prefer the Mars concept.

And, in addition to being Haitian, brilliant, and more than capable of fulfilling the role of Ambassador to France, she is better looking than the Prime Minister.  All of these factors work in our best interests so let’s not upset a winning combination and makes fools of ourselves – yet again –in front of the world community.


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5 thoughts on “VANESSA LAMOTHE-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. Well spoken.I know Vanessa and she is the perfect selection for our representation in France.

    Haiti has already forgotten what he father and uncle did for Haiti, when it was a real country.

    We are fortunate to have Laurent Lamothe and his sister, Vanessa, with us.

    Viv Martelly!

  2. Michael Jean was the governor of Canada. Rene Depestre was the vice minister of education in Cuba. We have a great number of born Haitian elected officials in the US.
    But a Senator name Bastien the then leader of the senat objected to the name Juan Bosh be given to a library of a university granted by the Dominicans.
    Other senators required Erick Pierre to present his grand mother’s birth certificate before he can be considered as primer minister. Moise Jn-charles is not the only Haitian politician with bird brain and horse mouth

  3. Well said if she’s qualify for the job, let stop all degatory let’s move on moise jean charles pa kanpe sou anyin he’s not for progress, he’s not in the interest of our nation we need to revokel voyel ale

  4. We need to stop hating (rayisab). That’s all it is we hate when others progress and we hate to spend a second out of the spot light. That is why every government official takes care of themselves and forget about the people. Please fix this country.

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