US seeks half off 27-year sentence for ex-Haitian drug lord for assisting prosecutors

By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, February 21, 3:31 PM

MIAMI — Federal prosecutors in Miami say a once-powerful Haitian drug lord should get half off his 27-year prison sentence because he provided key assistance to prosecutors in a dozen other cases.

Prosecutor Lynn Kirkpatrick said Tuesday that 48-year-old Beaudoin “Jacques” Ketant helped convict high-ranking, corrupt Haitian law enforcement and security officials and high-level drug traffickers.

Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno did not issue an immediate decision. Moreno wants more information about assets Ketant forfeited to the Haitian government, including a mansion and expensive paintings.

Authorities say Ketant’s organization moved some 41 tons of cocaine through Haiti to the U.S. from 1987 to 1996.

At his 2004 sentencing, Ketant claimed former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide turned Haiti into a “narco-country.” Aristide’s U.S.-based attorneys have denied that claim.

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4 thoughts on “US seeks half off 27-year sentence for ex-Haitian drug lord for assisting prosecutors

  1. The assets hid in plain site. Ketant’s brother-in-law holds 5 stations radio for his release. Cash and paintings with friends. Not difficult to find but Americans not serious about game.

    Faurel Celestin, cousin of Aristide, was for 27 year sentence only to be released in 3 years – with no publicity.

    Just make cocaine legal and stop the charade.

  2. I hope you are right.
    Unfortunately, someone must be brave enough to file a complaint with the Parquet. Many should have done so, by now, but we are still waiting.
    For example, Mireille Durocher-Bertin’s family?
    How about those of Pastor Leroy and Florvile?
    And Dr. Roger Lafontant’s wife?
    Sylvio Claude’s daughter?
    Michel Montas regarding Jacues Dominique.
    The list is endless and yet no one steps forward.
    I am not optimistic

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