Up to 10 die in night of heavy rainfall in northern Haiti

By Associated Press, Updated: Friday, November 9, 9:02 AM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A Haitian government official says up to 10 people have died in the northern part of the country following a night of heavy rainfall.

Jean Henry Petit of Haiti’s Civil Protection Office said Friday most of the Haitians died in the port city of Cap-Haitien when flood waters crashed through their homes and swept them away. One person died after his house collapsed.

The fatal rains come just two weeks after Hurricane Sandy’s outer bands led to widespread flooding. Officials said the storm killed 54 people and destroyed 70 percent of the crops along the southern coast.

Stormy weather in Haiti often brings catastrophic results. The impoverished country is heavily deforested, which causes flooding and deadly mudslides.


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