January 24, 2015


The seizure of all Senator  Felix Bautista’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C3%A9lix_Bautista assets, in the Dominican Republic, and ongoing legal action, is the earthquake that will create a devastating Tsunami – sweeping towards the National Palace – and beyond.  Presidents Rene Preval and Michel Martelly, bridged by Martelly’s cousin Max Bellerive, and accompanied by Central Bank Governor, Charles Castel, and ex-CNE chief Jude Celestin will be swept up in the $350,000,000 crime that saw illegal contracts signed by Prime Minister Bellerive, without any legal authority.

Castel should remember what happened to Aristide’s bank chief, Venel Joseph, when evidence started to leak out concerning Aristide’s crimes.

He was murdered.


$33,000,000 was said to have been skimmed before the balance of these illegal contracts, that were never fulfilled was divided between a number of people

One must remember that the recently elected Michel Martelly was – in reality – flat broke, at the time. In mid-campaign his brother-in-law Kiko stepped in to save the day with a check for $100,000. The balance of the campaign was funded by Laurent Lamothe.

With this in mind, the $2,200,000 check from Bautista must have been very attractive to the recent musical performer, who travelled back and forth, to the DR, in one of three  350B2 Aerospatiale helicopters supplied by Bautista.

The Dominican registration number of one used extensively by President was H-1837.   It was red and landed, along with the others, in the Dominican Embassy yard behind the Oasis Hotel.

Serial numbers of the 3 are 3905, 1928, and 2711.

I can remember the humiliated Michel crying on TV when confronted with the facts. Time, and more millions, have removed the naïve integrity originally projected.

Max Bellerive serves two Gods. He has long been an operative for the Dominican Intelligence apparatus. He entrapped President Martelly in a poisonous scheme that could well be the end of this regime.

And there are growing rumors that the PSUGO funds will erupt to create another scandal.

How long will Martelly and Sophia survive?


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14 thoughts on “TSUNAMI WARNING!!

  1. René Préval a été initiateur de deal dominicain pour $ 350 000 000 $

  2. Ever since I was with the Foreign Service I have observed the games in Haiti. Michel Martelly had a great potential and I believe he really wanted the children to have an education and the people to have security. With Lamothe he had a great team, or did he?

    Pwomis se det!

    His passwords, soon forgotten as Sophia’s overwhelming greed derailed an entire nation. Arrogance generated by their position makes them believe there will be no “Det” to pay. They have made a “Pwomis” and have broken this promise so, now they must pay their “Det.”

    I suspect that the crimes will be too big for even Haiti’s corrupt society to accept.

    The real danger lies in the reaction of Haiti’s “Base” as it realizes their man has betrayed them. Their reaction could be catastrophic.

    Many will die because of a few peoples’ greed.

    Perhaps, they will meet Pere Lebrun, who remains sleeping somewhere.

    Let no other nation give these criminals sanctuary.

    They must remain in Haiti to face whatever fate God has set for them.

    May He have mercy on their souls.

  3. Kastrieren sie alle
    Betrayed thay have their 300,000 lost in 2010 and memories of. Stolen has been the Hope of childrens.

  4. I was in Haiti right after the earthquake to assist in distributing medical supplies. I loved the Haitian peasants, who treated us so well. Unfortunately, the guys in suits were marked by their disinterest in helping their fellow Haitians and looked to grab as much as possible. A lot of our supplies were distributed, then sold by those who should have helped the needy.

    What Haiti needs now is a forensic audit to show exactly where the money was, and where it went. There are many secret accounts.

    Have Price-Waterhouse or Deloit step in and take charge of the investigation.

    Someone tells me over 4,000 teachers have not been paid for over one year. What happened to the tens of millions gathered from a charge on bank transfers? The Minister of Education, Nesmy Manigat, has much to answer for.

    The money transfers originated in the United States. This makes them part of a crime that could be investigated by the F.B.I.

    What follows this government will probably not be much better.

    What went before is credited, in one instance, with taking $198,000,000 or more from Petro Caribe.

    Where do we go from here?

  5. Sophia Martelly is/was an American citizen. Some suggest she dropped her citizenship so she could run for President – imagine that!!

    As an American citizen, or Green Card holder Sophia Martelly is legally required to declare her Global Income, even if it is not taxable. It is a Felony not to do this. Will she declare all of the money she has stolen from Social Affairs, Education, Culture, FAES, the Airport Authority…etc?

    Time will tell.

    Sophia can run, but she cannot hide!

    I think Olivier was born in the States so he is also vulnerable for the millions he has acquired as a kid just above the drinking age.

  6. They took money but not lives.
    Aristide took money and lives
    A small difference
    But they all stole Hope.

  7. The bottom line is Haiti is a systemic mess created by Lavalas, Aristide and Bill Clinton. Haiti is getting closer to the event horizon the point of no return, sad sad sad!

  8. Venel Joseph not Renel! You guys must check ur facts before publishing anything…..

    1. Cphawk–It is called a TYPO.
      YOU should check our facts, and you may notice that we publish more TRUTH than any other Haitian News Outlet.
      With over 7,500 articles, you will find that we have been totally accurate for all of the many years that we have been online.

  9. It’s sad that maybe a man who actually wanted to do good is about to get sucked into a major scandal by his wife and those surrounding him. Preval and Aristide started all this, Sofia’s greed topped it like larva in a smoking volcano, but it seem that it is Martelly who will bear the brunt of it all.

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