Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur Michel Martelly-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Sans diplômes, sans  formation, mal appris, vulgaire et anti femme (c’est confirmé qu’il est un Massissi). Michel Martelly Ti Simone a utilisé deux éléments essentiels lors de sa campagne électorale pour établir la différence entre Sweet Micky 200% KK et Michel Martellyhomme de famille“. L’intelligentia Haitienne  ne peut pas rester indifférente à cette descente aux enfers à un moment où le peuple haitien a besoin plus que jamais d’éclaireurs. Il y a célérité dans l’urgence.

Sans moralité et sans dignité, lors d’un entretien télévisé un journaliste lui a demandé s’il a des girls friends (Ti boubout sou koté) il a déclaré  « Mwen chaje fanm e madanm mwen konnen sa » Ti Simone Martelly est un houngan pratiquant la polygamie.

Le journaliste lui demande est ce que votre épouse n’en souffre pas il a répondu sans le moindre remord et gêne  «  Pito se Madanm lan ki soufri , se pa mwen »

Que ceux qui supportent Sweet Mickey comprennent le grand risque qu’ils encourent et surtout parviennent à se ressaisir. Car, le débat dans les salons sera nettement différent de celui qui se fera aux heures de récréation avec un Sweet Micky comme premier citoyen de la nation. Nos jeunes compatriotes se sentiront humiliés face à leurs condisciples qui n’hésiteront pas à frapper à leur face l’épithète de : Sweet Micky avec tout ce que ce nom comporte d’humiliant, d’abjecte.

Michel Martelly =  saleté, immoralité, médiocrité

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Statistical Improbability for Michel Martelly to win the election

Dans ce clip en haut lors de l’entretien télévisé, le journaliste lui a demandé s’il a des girls friends (Ti boubout sou koté) il a déclaré  « Mwen chaje fanm e madanm mwen konnen sa » Le journaliste lui demande également est ce que votre épouse n’en souffre pas il a répondu sans le moindre remord et gêne «  Pito se Madanm lan ki soufri , se pa mwen »

In the video above, Haitian’s Presidential Candidate, former Haitian Konpas singer, Michel Sweet Micky Martelly admits to having used crack cocaine while living in Miami, FL between the years of 1986-1987.

Tande nouvo Prezidanw lan kap pale nan kek enregistreman .

kliké sou link audio ki pi ba-a

Preziden Mateli.mp3

Quelle malpropreté !

Mezanmi vakabon toujou rete vakabon. Pa okipe madmwazèl Simone kap pran poz moun serye li kounye-a

Nous exhortons nos compatriotes à se joindre  pour donner leur support  à la candidature de Mirlande Manigat.


Martelly appeals to younger Haitians who are tired of seeing Haiti screwed by the international community , as this community claims to work for the true desires of the Haitian people.

Martelly drops his pants, on stage, and bares his behind, and other parts of his anatomy, giving the finger to the world.

He stands as a figure of protest, not a figure of accountable government.


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6 thoughts on “Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur Michel Martelly-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. Just like there is a Haiti before and after Jan 12, there will be from now on those who can explain the success of Michel Martelly and those who can’t. The same people who liberated themselves in 1986 brought him where he is now.

    There is no difference between the candidature of Michel Martelly and the election of Obama in racist United States. It’s a phenomenon that many will take years to understand. Religious people in Haiti feels toward Martelly the same way white people in this country feel about Obama today. They can’t explain it. They don’t understand that all they’re doing is insulting the masses, the poor, the uneducated, the yet to be evangelized, that have made their voices heard and selected their leader.

  2. Sweet Micky was an entertainer. His vulgarity, his actions on stage are nothing but entertainment, giving the fans what they like to see and hear. As a performer, that way was his bread and butter, it paid him well and made him the figure that he is today. To judge him on his past actions is irrelevant because he might not have a diploma or no experience but all the other presidents with diplomas and experience have done nothing but crap on Haiti. Martelly might just be exactly what Haiti needs, a totally new perspective, a new vision from someone who just wants to see Haiti prosper. Forget about his past, a past has nothing to do with anything if a person decides to change for the better.

  3. The answer is very simple.The International Community just wants to show to the world, at what speed the nation is moving back to the disaster.After 25 years of destruction, there is no way to consider that Haitians can move forward in a positive way.

  4. I think all the reason you listed, are reasons to give Martelly credit for arriving at this point. Face it, you don’t need a college degree to be a good politician. You so called intellectuals think speaking french a degree means common sense. obviously not, everyone in the race underestimated the man and now its too late. Go read the Prince by Machiavelli, that’s what you are experiencing right now. a Prince in the making.

    As far as I am concern, Martelli has life experience. He manage to have successful career in Music and that’s easy for hatian aritsts. He is self-made man. We see a Haitian that did not advance economically by oppressing the Haitian people and who has always express how we feel about Haiti. that there is no reason for Haiti to be this poor that it should get better. and we also see a man that surround himself with people who knows what they are doing that makes a huge difference in His campaign so if he continues surround himself with people who knows what they are doing then maybe for once the country will change. no one person can change Haiti, it is a collective effort. I could careless about his pedigree as long as he is willing to move the country forward I am with him all the way!

  5. Jynee above has it right. Martelly may not have the degrees but, a large portion of the Haitian electorate loves him and we have to let the people decide their own destiny by choosing leaders that they care about and trust. He does not just claim, he clearly loves his country and its people. That is the number one qualification requirement. That is what the people know and feel. That is why it sides with him. If he does, and it appears that he is attempting to find a group of individuals in good faith and capable of helping and guiding him, then perhaps there may be a possibility for some level of success. I define success in this case as an improvement of any degree in the lives of the people of our country who need it most. No one to date can claim to have achieve that. For those Haitians who claim to be embarrassed by his candidacy, you should not blame it on the Haitian poor and uneducated, the fact is that this can be a direct result of years of neglect and oppression. Those with degrees and social status, as one person contributed in a post above, have done absolutely nothing to give our poor brothers and sisters hope for a better future for themselves and their children. You have created this situation and now you must live with the consequences. Let this be a lesson to you all. “Tout moun se moun”. The sooner you learn and accept this simple truth, the sooner we can start repairing the damage and move to create a better and more prosperous Haiti.

  6. all this to spoil Martely image. too bad that in this election I can not vote,but vote for Tet kale would be at least a fare vote.
    Cause i know that behind the author of this topic there is a Martely opponent just because it is not Jean Henry Ceant who came second.
    But Amigo, try to know the man on the scene and the men in a normal life. the same u would have said for Wyclef jean if he would have come that far.cause there are movies of wyclef shooting people in the head etc..
    trust me. Haiti need fresh new begenining we do not need the same mafia of the past. leave Martely alone and vote for him if you want to help your country.

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