Nov 19, 2017

First shells to crack!


Moise Jean Charles, from his refuge in Cuba, where he is trying to build sympathy for a non-existent medical problem – supposedly caused by tear gas – urged street violence with a comment, to the effect:

“If the FAdH is revived, we are finished.”

There is some truth, in this statement, if the FAdH is effectively revived. It was seen, by realists, as the protector of Democracy, the final arbiter to step in and derail any  true grab for dictatorial power like Aristide’s.

Moise Jean Charles, Michel Andre, Lavalas, Aristide, Senators Beauplan, Don Kato, Cassy, Pierre and a band of other Vagabonds, pay a lot of cash to generate destructive demonstrations with which to paralyse and blackmail society.

November 18 saw some small groups of people create chaos and damage.


People must realize the truths of our past, in order to preserve our future.

In spite of his media campaigns, Aristide is not, and never has been a “charismatic leader.”  He is a scary little man who is not brave. On September 29, 1991 when he was taken to Grand Quartier General, before his flight to Venezuela, he curled up in a corner where he vomited, wet his pants and shit himself.


In spite of ongoing media garbage – that continues to spread Aristide’s expensive propaganda – there was no coup in 1991. The Haitian people  finally had enough and Aristide was sent into luxurious exile.

Some say he should have been shot, removing his danger, forever!


From exile he worked to  bend international opinion to the point at which he could utilize it for a return without the military.

At the time, 1991 – Haiti had 2 structured elements, the Church and the FAdH.

1.    Liberation Theology had effectively fragmented the Church into an ineffectual quagmire.

  1. The FAdH remained, and moved to provide stability after Aristide’s departure. Aristide’s own parliament voted to keep him out. The Aristide parliament voted to activate Article 149 for the election of Aristide’s replacement on December 6, 1991.

This was supported by the FAdH.

A real example of Democracy in Action.

Unfortunately, President George Bush – during a meeting in Spain,  a few days after Aristide’s September 29, 1991 departure, had a knee jerk reaction. He  insisted Aristide be returned. He had acted without consultation. Bush  soon realized his error, no longer insisting on Aristide’s return. He only insisted on the return to Democratic government, which he effectively derailed by blocking the December 6, 1991 vote.

The entire chaotic period, extending from 1991,  till today… is a result of American interference in Haiti’s affairs. Even after the Clinton administration recognized Aristide, for what he was, they still stood by as he violated the Governor Island Accord,   America’s guarantee, to the Haitian people, that the psychotic, manic depressive, drug-dealing murderer would be restrained.


They knew the danger but insisted on his return, to save face.

They knew what could happen, but the Governors Island Accord provided the safeguards. Then within moments of his 1994 return to Haiti he used the Governors Island Accord for toilet paper and the rest is history.

The FAdH was to protect us.

Aristide dismantled the FAdH.

The Americans said nothing.

tony lake and ari

Anthony Lake, Clinton’s National Security Adviser, became Godfather to Aristide’s kids. Hardly arm’s length. Cynics believe Lake took a fortune from this relationship.


There have been moments when Aristide’s forceful, open grab for power, could have been blocked. At one time Secretary of State Warren Christopher attended an OAS conference at Club Med. During his stay he attended the graduation of the first PNH class in Hiti. Christopher spoke to the graduates, urging them to be loyal to Haiti, not a political belief or personality.

Aristide was present and followed Christopher to the podium. Hands grasping the top of the podium, Aristide stood there, silently, scanning the young faces. Then, after his long, meaningful pause,  he spoke.

“Who are you loyal to!!?”

“Lavalas, Lavalas, Lavalas!” was the Nazi-like chant.

Christopher could have  retaken the stage to correct this attitude. Instead, he scurried to the airport, and out of Haiti, saying Somalia needed his attention. “Black Hawk Down” had just occurred.

Aristide would hand-pick each new member of the new PNH, firing the Canadian, American trained officers as they came off the assembly line.

We now have a Lavalas PNH with a Lavalas Chief. It is not really loyal to the Haitian Nation. It has its own agenda and many are heavily involved with the drug business.


By reviving the FAdH Jovenel revived a concept, not a reality. The reality died in 1994 when Aristide murdered the FAdH. We must now nurture this reborn concept and keep it pure. Like a tender plant, the resuscitated FAdH must survive its rebirth to grow into maturity. This maturity is what the Lavalas fear. This maturity will stand against those who will destroy our Nation, for their own goals.

President Moise has effectively become the step-father of the Forces Armees d’Haiti.

So that the FAdH, and the Nation have the chance to survive, and proposer, we must have political, social and economic stability. We must have security.

These are the very elements that the FAdH would be providing now, had Aristide not destroyed its existence.

We can no longer accept people paying people to demonstrate and destroy property. This must stop and we look to our President, Jovenel Moise for his guarantee of these factors

In order to guarantee these elements, President Moise must break a few eggs, should people like Moise Jean Charles, Michel Andre, Beauplan, Kato, Cassy and the rest persist in their treasonous effort to destroy Democracy.


We cannot be blackmailed by 29 Senators who hold the fraudulent Beauplan Petrocaribe dossier over our heads. At some point the Senate must be eliminated as a counterproductive element in Haitian life. Once Immunity/Impunity have been removed these criminals should be arrested.

Enough is enough!

The Nation hungers for an omelette, and eggs must be broken!.

In order to proceed with the Nation’s agenda, a journey towards security, stability, and prosperity, Jovenel Moise, our leader, chosen through two successive landslide victories, must take the initiative.

The International Community will join Haitians as they applaud his leadership.

Being our leader, he must take the first step.

We are behind him!

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