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Sept 13, 2017


Moise jean Charles has the morality of a Vegas whore who simply spreads her legs for whomever has the cash. He would have cancelled his “patriotic manifestation” had Jovenel Moise passed a couple of hundred thousand to him in a briefcase.

And those that support him have no patriotic basis to their actions.

Where was the manifestation organized?

Bel Aire, Jalousie, Cite Soleir, Petion-Ville, Cap Haitian……. Little Haiti in Miami?

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Not likely. Unless you spoke Spanish, room service could have been problematic. This patriotic attack on our democratically elected government was born in the Dominican Republic’s Sheraton Hotel in room 225. Reports place representatives of the DR’s government and business community meeting with Haitians to supply major funding for an ongoing, long-term destabilization process in a simple and cold-blooded effort to destroy the very framework of our society.


Intelligence sources place representatives of Haiti’s business community there, along with others who focus upon their own personal advantages. Rene Civile was one of the Haitians in attendance. Civile is a long term Lavalas agitator and car thief.

Members of the he European Economic Community support the Haitian destabilization. Their agenda is simple economics. They have invested billions in the DR’s agricultural sector, to service the expanding demands of  Europe. The surplus, and “seconds” are sold into the Haitian market.

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President Jovenel Moise’s effort to revive Haiti’s dormant agricultural sector is a direct threat to the EEC and DR’s agriculture program. As a simple example, look at the expanding Haitian egg production that has created havoc in the Dominican egg sector.

Haiti was an exporter of rice prior to 1986. It now imports close to a billion dollars in rice.

Jovenel wants to reverse the situation and, because of this, is a threat to many pocket books, Haitian and international.

There is no goal of social justice, in the demonstrations, as claimed by Moise Jean Charles in his rambling dialogs.

Economics, not politics presents the shadowy threat behind the violent street protests. Most problems are really economic in their root. Some Haitians work to diminish their Haitian brother’s and sister’s chances for economic survival, and the Nation’s economic survival.

These people are never brought to justice. One major player in this game was the Governor of our Central Bank, Castel, who illegally depreciated the Gourde by something like 15% giving the Dominican Republic an economic advantage  of that much over Haiti.

Actually double that since Haitian get 15% less for their products and pay 15% more for Dominican imports.


With this coup, Castel made Haitian products cheaper, in the Dominican market, and the DR’s products more expensive. Some say he received a minimum of $55,000,000 for this Patriotic Gift.

Some suggest much more.

And no one uttered a word of protest!!

We won’t get derailed along this road, but it should be investigated at some time and Castel should be jailed. Some suggest he became a billionaire in the process.

Back to the manifestations which will become much more dangerous if allowed to continue.


Millions of dollars in property was destroyed yesterday in a nation where each and every dollar, each and every gourde is a matter of some importance in our struggle for basic survival.  Everything that was destroyed must be replaced at a cost to the overall economy or done without.

We watched the demonstration. It was made up of a few hundred – not thousands – of well dressed, clean cut Haitians, not those from the lower end who really need help. Moise Jean Charles, and his associates, didn’t even spend their money where it was really needed – among the poor.

There are some lessons to be learned and threats to be recognized. Some of Moise Jean Charles associates have now promised attacks of foreign embassies, to drive them out of Haiti.

Others were seen on TV promising to stop the cars “with dark window tints” and force the drivers to lower their windows. Then – if these terrorists saw White People they would kill them.

This is exactly the terror concept that existed under the few months of Aristide’s 8.5 month presidency before society expelled him like a freshly squeezed pimple.

There was no coup against Aristide in 1991. It was society that rejected him, when his Lavalas of violence started to eat its own. Even his Parliament didn’t want his return, once ejected.

But people insist that is past history.

And, we should learn from history.

Jovenel Moise must block any further street manifestations, otherwise they pace will accelerate until they consume his government, and the Nation in a Lavalas of bloodshed and violence.

The anguished cries of Pere Lebrun will soon be heard.

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Our society is balanced on a razor’s edge, with many in terrible, terrible condition, hoping that Jovenel will succeed in his promises to turn things around.

Moise Jean Charles, and his Haitian/foreign associates, want to upset the finite balance, plunging us into the abyss with no real goal, other than the generation of chaos.


Unfortunately, Jovenel Moise’s team is not all his. Within the Palace Walls he has many who would see him fall. Working towards this with subtle, obstructive moves, such as withholding payments for wages/bills owed, even though the funding has been transferred into the Palace..

And Jovenel really has no police force. The PNH is led by a committed Lavalas chief who marches to the beat of Aristide’s drum.


And the departure of MINUSTAH, because the UN declared their mission a complete success, leaves the Haitian, people vulnerable, vulnerable, vulnerable.

Our President, Jovenel Moise must take decisive, definitive actions immediately or his Presidency is doomed, along with the Nation.

The first step is the arrest and isolation of protest leaders.

We are not optimistic

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  1. 13:34. La police fenk encercler machine Moise jean Charles Nan delmas 75, la police di senateur a machine la gen alerte Sou li…
    En direct zenith Fm

    It would seem that the PNH have stopped the vehicle of Moise Jean Charles.

    Perhaps someone is going to take appropriate action

  2. Your views are very disturbing a merchant was murdered in Petonville by Dominique St. Roc’s wife. Why was no one angry at this this Tet Kale government is just another part of America and Europe’s torment onto the Haitian population people are protesting in the thousands and that is for a reason not just on a whim

    1. You obviously didn’t read the article.
      A few hundred people paid by the Dominicans, Aristide and Moise Jean Charles, plus a few local businessmen have set out to derail the government.
      They will return to the streets again Monday for more fire and violence.

      Nothing to do with Americans or Canadians. Home grown greed and violence.

      The attempted removal of the Marchant was stupid. Those involved should have been arrested. The security man is a murderer.

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