October 23, 2012

In news that shook the foundation of Haitian society, Ti Clifford Brandt, son of Clifford Brandt and grandson of Oswald Brandt has been arrested for involvement in the recent kidnapping of the son and daughter of SOGEBANK chief Robert Muscoso.

This entire situation has been an unusual one in that HAITIAN-TRUTH.ORG was the only organization that exposed the original crime. Even embassy sources were in the dark as were many security elements.

Muscoso’s father and Ti Clifford’s father were originally partners in the creation of a Haitian bank. Then Muscoso Sr. moved on to SOGEBANK when Haitian businessmen bought control of the bank entity from foreign owners.

It remains to be seen what was the motivation behind this crime, and the possible involvement of others.

Behind a mountain, another mountain. One must look at the possible motivation for the Brandt-Moscoso situation. Think back to the Preval presidency when there was a bid involving a number of busses.

The Brandt’s had the low bid and were pressured to withdraw because someone else was supposed to get the deal. The Brandt’s refused and Preval arrested Fritz Brandt, Ti Clifford’s father, and Ti Clifford’s brother Fritz. They were held in a room with no bathroom facilities and had to poo in plastic bags, in an attempt to humiliate them.

They were arrested for  a phony claim that they had played games with Customs on the importation of a truck.

At the time, Moscoso had a winning bid on the bus purchase and it was suggested he withdraw, as a sign of unity, with the Brandt’s. Moscoso refused.

After a lot of grief, and the American embassy’s intervention, the Brandt’s were eventually released.

It should also be remembered that Preval was about to arrest Gerard Boulos, but the American embassy blocked this move during the period of the idiot Claudy Gassant who was intimidating Haiti’s business community with arrests, threats of arrest, and shake-downs.

This present situation could well be a result of the earlier events.

FLASH! FLASH!  12:16 October 23, 2012  radio reports Ti Clifford Brandt has admitted to kidnapping Robert Muscoso’s children and will name others, “in the bank” who were involved. This makes it sound as though others, in a bank – SOGEBANK – UNIBANK? Were involved in the crime. He had originally claimed that “he was at the beach and had his phone stolen…” This leads us to believe that he was stupid enough to have his own phone used and modern technology traced him. With one gadget, a person can tell within 2 yards where a phone is, what other phones are close by and download all text messages.

Brandt, who heads a large automobile dealership, would not seem to be the normal suspect. However, it would seem that he has been involved in a kidnap ring for some time,  in partnership with a senior police officer and other people in the business community, banking community.

It must be pointed out that Robert Moscoso has been informed – in the past – about the involvement of SOGEBANK/SOGEBEL staff members in the kidnap of account holders, and thefts from account holders’ accounts, but showed little interest in correcting the issues. No one is totally clean in this issue..


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  1. why his has been release he need to stay in jail and go for judgement.make sure he tell where the rest of kidnapper is located so they can bring them to justice.

  2. This is great Haitian drama I want to hear the president’s opinion on this matter.and what does Mevs say in all this?

  3. the press oughta let hear the president’s opinion and counseling on this kidnapping issue, cam yjr haitiam inlminate be shoen the light?

  4. Gen Lot gran neg ki gen kob nan peyi Ayiti ki nan kidnapping, se pou lapolice pati nan bouda yo.

  5. Just read this.. I barely got through. The article is so bad written with grammatical and spelling errors that it hurt my eyes.. I am sure there are better Haiti websites than this.

    Who is the “writer” of this monstrosity? With writing like this, it distract from the content. Get it together my people.

  6. Casey dear, your own text is full of “grammatical and spelling errors.” This is the case of straw and the beam in the eye. I did not take the time to

    review the style of the
    website, but I would bet
    that their writing is much
    better than yours.
    Nonetheless, that should not
    distract from the fact that
    they are doing their best to
    report a sordid story that
    illustrates the putrefaction
    of the Haitian society.

  7. This article is poorly written and not at all objective. I can sense the writer’ s frustration. Tell the story, I don’t care for your opinion.

  8. mwen pa sezi paske te toujou comnen pi gro voksal ,gang kidnaper se nan bougoisi a li ye

  9. mwen ta syete mesiedam bougoisi yo pran resconsabli yo epitou lajistis fe travya li comme sa dwa paske nan jijemen pa gin granneg ake malere ni granneg ni malere ciye anba min racis sa yo

  10. pep haitien continie priye pou bonde fe delivrans nou li le li tan pou m ale lakay mwen crintif

  11. Unfortunately, this is Haiti and justice is “windy” there. One should not expect much out of this situation since it seems to be erroneous that the situation became public. Recall: from 2003-2011, these names have circulated the waves and lead the rumor channels of Haiti.
    One f the most mediocre place on the plannet with the dullest leaders and careless system. it always takes the actions of outsiders to even spark a positive act in Haiti.

    Is the government telling us that the penitentiary is unsafe or insecure? Well if that is the fact: what has been done about it, and what about the others.

    When the Haitian government accused American missionaries of kidnapping where did they hold them?

    In conclusion this is Haiti, the land of darkness. Expect this story to vanish fro the press briskly and this man will never be heard off again. That is my realistic prediction.

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