The Minister of the Interior visited the North

Haiti - Politic : The Minister of the Interior visited the North

Former Major of the Armed Forces of Haiti, David Basile, the new Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT), accompanied by members of his Cabinet, of the Director General and technical staff of the Ministry, met with the Departmental Delegate of North, the Vice Delegates and Interim executive agents of Departments of North and Northeast, to the Departmental Delegation of the North.

The Minister informed the representatives of the executive, of his vision of his mission and the work he must perform at the head of MICT and informed about his main priorities in the implementation of the policy, based on the building of capacity of local authorities, the institutional strengthening, restoration of the authority of Delegations, Vice-delegations and Councils, the dynamization of structures of the Department of Immigration and Emigration and development of the components of Civil Protection.

The Minister Basile has also attracted the attention of his interlocutors on the need to adhere strictly to the regulations of the Public Service and appealed to their sense of responsibility and discipline, which must be observed in the hierarchical relationship between the departmental delegates, Vice Delegates and Executive Agents interim responsible to ensure the link between the central power and populations.

The Ministry announced that under of new departmental programs, that it proposes to establish or revive, a special emphasis will be placed on the organization of training seminars for the Vice Delegates and interim executive agents in order to make them more effective in the performance of their duties.

The Vicedelegates and interim executive agents, took the opportunity to share with the Minister, the difficulties encountered in the exercise of their functions, including the lack of resources, of qualified staff, the degradation of the authority of the representatives of the Executive agaist the local officials and other logistical constraints.

“These exchanges allow us already to envisage the appropriate responses to the problems you have expressed, to initiate a better coordination between the Directorate of Local Authorities, the Services of Coordination of Ministry of the Interior and the delegations, Vice delegations and councils,” told participants, Minister Basil, who rely heavily on Local Authorities strengthened to cope with the various challenges to improve the living conditions of citizens through sustainable development in Haiti.

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