April 4, 2012

Who cares if Martelly took some cash from a Dominican senator? What has been reported is peanuts, compared with the cash gobbled up by Haiti’s Senators and Deputies who must be bribed in order to do their duties.

Unfortunately, the money upon which we are focused is but a grain of sand when placed on the scales of reality. The reported money is massively over-balanced by the criminal acts involving the earthquake reconstruction process.

Ex-Prime Minister Max Bellerive, a cousin of Michel Martelly and a cousin of Planification Minister Day is the real focus of criminality, spreading Haiti’s money like water amongst his Dominican associates.

It must be remembered that Bellerive has more loyalty to the Dominican Republic than to Haiti. He has been a member of their intelligence service for more than 20 years.

During Bellerive’s term as Prime Minister he rarely visited his offices. Instead, he roamed the area with his aid Valcin in tow. Valcin had a briefcase holding government check books and official seals. He would write checks and apply official seals to documents, on command. Small projects, small projects, small projects and more small projects were signed, sealed and delivered by Valcin, along with checks amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

During key negotiations, three Dominican registered helicopters flew back and forth, between Haiti, and the DR, landing in the Dominican government property across from the Villa Creole. These were Aerospatial 350B2 Ecureuil helicopters with Dominican registration numbers HI-837, HI-860 and HI-851. A check will show they are tied to Senator Bautista and his associates.

To leave the reconstruction of Haiti cash under the control of Bellerive/Valcin/Day guarantees a criminal disaster.  This trio’s close association with Martelly does not make us optimistic. Several weeks ago, a major businessman went to Martelly’s home to discuss a project. When he arrived Max Bellerive was busy serving tea. A comfortable family scene, except that it reflects the less than “arm’s length” association between Michel/Sophia Martelly and Bellerive.

The refusal to replace a sitting Governor of the Central bank, with a new man, sees the Petro Caribe Fund theft of $198,000,000 under Preval – safe from investigation. The crime could not have been committed without Central Bank involvement. Martelly promised transparency and Justice. Instead, he has given us smoke and mirrors.

What the media reports, as funds accepted by Martelly/Manigat is peanuts.

The focus should be on the $34,000,000 – yes, that is 34, not 35 or 33. Embassy sources accept that $34,000,000 was paid for the Bautista/Dominican contracts.

Enough is enough!!

As a side issue, people should investigate the story seeing Bellerive being intercepted at the Haitian/Dominican border at 8 P.M. the night of Haiti’s disastrous earthquake. Seems as though he was fleeing with a large suitcase full of $100 American bills. He did not realize the border had been closed, as his government’s request, and Bellerive was detained by Haitian representatives. It took Preval’s intervention to release him…and the confusion of that terrible moment, saw people forget what happened.


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3 thoughts on “THE MARTELLY MESS

  1. Unfortunately Haiti has a non-elected American citizen controlling all of the decisions with Martelly governement.
    Sophia – the Martelly wife – keeps all dossiers in her hands. Even God could not manage this challenges but Sophia thinks she is a brilliant.
    She was always greedy watcher of admissions at Martelly shows.Now this person is blocking our progress because of her interference.

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