July 9, 2018
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No, he really didn’t say his dog ate his homework!

But he said something that is exponentially more stupid and arrogant. I effect he “Gave the Finger” to Haiti and its 12,000,000 people, along with the International Community.

He said that he kept the  PNH in its casernes because they didn’t have any gasoline for their vehicles.

This comment is more suited to the Flintstones than to our professional PNH.


But, Gedeon has the arrogance to look THE Nation the eye and say that.

He has continually acted with what the military calls “mute insubordination” when dealing with President Jovenel Moise. Gedeon has forgotten that he is a servant of the Haitian people. He now sees himself as the one in control of our Destiny! In fact, Gedeon recently said he was required to take orders from no one.

His first act, as a new President, should have seen him fire Gedeon, along with all the others installed in our infrastructure, during the criminal Privert piracy of our Presidency.

It isn’t too late.

And there should be no sanctuary for this gross criminal.

Haiti should  follow up with a Class Action lawsuit in Florida’s Federal Court against Gedeon, and his fmily, to recover the millions Gedeon has stolen. How can a guy making $1,000 per months have a $1,000,000 home in Coral Springs, and a fortune in Bank of America accounts? The deposition of Gedeon, and his wife, under oath, will be interesting.

Perjure yourself and you go to jail.

Tell the truth and you leave yourself open to criminal charges.

Someone might even launch a human rights action, under the Torture Act, as they did with Prosper Avril. The judgement from this would effectively bankrupt Gedeon.

If Gedeon and his family have Residence, this could be revoked with a conviction.

The Americans must not be too happy with Gedeon since he is part of a carefully planned coup against our Democratically elected government. The Americans supported 2 electoral cycles that saw Jovenel get more than 50% TWICE!!!

This plan was created by Privert, when he pirated power. He inserted thousands of people into the government payrolls. He placed Lavalas people in the top Douane and Central Bank slots, plus many other key positions.

How can President Moise govern effectively when Aristide/Lavalas has control of our Central Bank, Customs, APN and PNH?

If this week’s coup attempt – built upon the raise in fuel prices, approved by both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies – is allowed to succeed, Haiti will become the pariah  of the Western Hemisphere.

Forget investment, financial assistance, tourism or any other constructive concept.

We are on the slippery slope into the abyss.

The next few moments will save or condemn this generation.

A few are derailing Haiti’s chance.



Emeute de l’essence : Le Directeur de la police justifie la passivité de ses agents face aux actes de pillage

9 juillet 2018 Vantbefinfo Laisser un commentaire

Port-au-Prince, le 9 juillet 2018.- Le Directeur général de la Police nationale d’Haïti (PNH) a évoqué le « manque d’effectif » pour justifier la passivité des policiers au moment où des individus s’adonnaient au pillage de certaines entreprises à Pétion-ville et à Delmas, entre autres.

Le Directeur général de la PNH, Michel-Ange Gédéon (archives)

Selon le numéro 1 de l’institution policière, à part le Corps d’intervention et de maintien d’ordre (CIMO) qui avait annulé les congés et permissions de ses agents, les autres unités de la PNH fonctionnaient avec un effectif réduit.

Aussi, a-t-il salué le courage de certains confrères d’arme qui travaillent depuis environ 72 heures. Au moment de l’éclatement des émeutes, la plupart des agents était bloqué à leur domicile, a soutenu le DG de la PNH.

Dans un communiqué publié le 7 juillet dernier, Michel-Ange Gédéon avait déclaré que « la Direction générale de la PNH déplore et condamne le déferlement de passions de la journée du 7 juillet 2018, le pillage et l’incendie des hôtels et maisons de commerce ».

Par ailleurs, il a ajouté que l’institution ne « tolèrera pas la destruction, le pillage et l’incendie de la propriété privée sous quelque prétexte que ce soit ».

« Garante de la sécurité des vies et des biens, la Direction générale a instruit ses membres de prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour garantir le droit à la vie et à la propriété privée en agissant dans le cadre de la loi, avec la dernière rigueur contre les malfrats qui troublent la paix et la sécurité du pays », a conclu ledit communiqué.

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