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Haiti - Education : The Borlettes ready to support the Education program

Tuesday, Vanneur Pierre, Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, had a working meeting in the premises of the Ministry, with the leaders of the National Association of Borlettes Keepers (Association Nationale des Tenanciers de Borlette – ANTB), around the Act, on the National Fund for Education (FNE), the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was present at the discussion table.

The meeting, which was attended by Guichard Doré, Representative of the Presidency, allowed the ANTB responsibles to fully understand the Government’s approach. Welcoming this initiative, they say they are ready, in addition to taxes, to contribute by other financial support to the Education program, hoping that Act to permit the use of funds from FNE [launched there over 20 months], which is still not ratified by Parliament, will soon be passed.

During the meeting, the Minister Pierre insisted on the importance of tax collection in a democratic society, only able to sustainably finance the public services including education.

ANTB representatives expressed their satisfaction after this working session, and expressed their supportto the the Ministry’s approach, while wishing a mentoring of the State allowing them to regulate this sub-sector of the economy and to protect it against all forms of abuses.


Under Duvalier, the Borlettes were for education, and nothing else.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide sold these off to friends who have since become billionaires.

So we cannot become overly excited when a few pennies are given to education.

The Borlettes should return to government ownership, an impossible concept since the present owners would kill or bribe their way to retaining control


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