Speaker Gary Bodeau Begs Lambert to Not Join Opposition, Don Kato Welcomes Him

On Tuesday, while Senator Joseph Lambert (KONA – Sud’Est) was being interviewed on Scoop FM’s Ayiti Debat with Garry Pierre Paul Charles regarding his separation from the Tet Kale regime, Speaker Deputy Gary Bodeau (Bouclier – Delmas) called in to beg Lambert, President Jovenel Moise’s most powerful ally, to not enter into the opposition.

Speaker Bodeau asked the senator to hold off on his decision to be in the opposition. Mr. Bodeau said a meeting should be held with parliamentarians supporting the administration before Mr. Lambert should make his decision.

Meanwhile, Senator Antonio “Don Kato” Cheramy (Verite – Ouest) welcomed Senator Lambert into Kan Pep La(The Peoples’ Camp). Senator Cheramy, attempting to be diplomatic to Lambert who is known as a “political animal” and “chameleon”, said “we recognize that Senator Lambert is a man very skilled in politics and after many years, knows the terrain of Haitian politics… I welcome him into the opposition.”


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