Sean Penn To Be Honored For Humanitarian Work At Upcoming Gala-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Resisting the temptation to snicker at Sean Penn’s, how shall we say…hot-headed temperament (especially when it comes to his feelings about Wyclef Jean’s bid for Haiti’s presidency) can sometimes be challenging. Whether he raises valid points or not, the image of paparazzi limping away with bloody noses and shattered eyeglasses comes to mind, perhaps due to his younger, far more hot-headed Madonna-days.

Be that as it may, the Oscar winner’s passionate perspective and personal efforts to address Haiti’s humanitarian crisis are both worthy of commending, and on October 25, he’s actually going to get an official pat on the back! Starz will be throwing their Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Awards ceremony at LA’s Beverly Hilton Hotel, where they will recognize Penn’s personal work through his Haitian Relief Organization.

The cable network will present the actor with their “Hollywood Humanitarian Award”, an honor that has been bestowed upon Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams and Father Rick Frechette in years past. Lately, the much older, wiser and seasoned veteran of countless films has really thrown his heart and soul into Haitian rehabilitation, enabling victims of the January 2010 earthquake to have a little ray of sunlight in their lives, so for that, we raise a glass to him. Anyone who’s a bit foggy on what he’s tried to achieve in the region might want to view this interview that he did with CNN’s Anerson Cooper— seems like he’s not messing around!

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Sean Penn made a mark in Haiti, among people who did not know who he was, or how famous he might be. Sean took their problems as his problems and did – as no other celebrity has ever done – lived among them in their misery.

In time gone by, I considered Sean Penn  a classic horse’s ass.

Now it is hats off to Sean.

The past in erased and he has left a mark that will be difficult to match.


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