Retired US army General, Wesley Clark, sees hope, describes his love for Haiti

Published on September 23, 2014 by Joseph Guyler C. Delva (author)  (photo: )

NEW-YORK, USA (HCNN) — Retired US General, Wesley Clark, revealing his love for Haiti, said on Monday that there was a lot of hope for the Caribbean country which is striving to rebuild, following a devastating earthquake that left up to 300,000 people killed and 1.5 million more homeless, nearly five years ago.

General Clark said less developed countries, such as Haiti, need a lot of hands and well-resourced people to lift them up and get people out of poverty, through the setting up of needed infrastructure and delivering of basic services.

“I’ve been going to Haiti since 1994, working issues there, and I love the people of Haiti, the most wonderful people, but the system still requires a lot of work,” General Clark told HCNN on Monday.

“I see a lot of hope in Haiti even though so much needs to be done in education, the economy, the infrastructure, the health system,” said Clark. ” One way to do it is to bring a lot of well-resourced people with compassion to understand the issues,” he said.

Clark made the comments after participating in a session of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, in New-York, where Haitian Prime minister Laurent Lamothe is also attending.

During his 34 years in the U.S. Army, Wesley Clark rose to the rank of four-star general and was named director for strategic plans and policy of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As Supreme Allied Commander and Commander in Chief of the U.S. European Command, Clark commanded Operation Allied Force, NATO’s first major combat action, which saved 1.5 million Albanians from ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.


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