Released aid workers in Haiti are Czech, Belgian-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PRAGUE — An official says two European aid workers kidnapped in Haiti and later released were from the Czech Republic and Belgium.

Lucia Duricova of the Czech office of Doctors Without Borders confirmed the nationalities Friday. She said the two women are fine but declined to give any further details.

Initial reports suggested the two, who were in Haiti with the France-based aid agency, were Swiss nationals.

They were snatched off the streets of Haiti’s capital a week ago and held for five days in what was the first reported kidnapping since Haiti suffered a magnitude-7 earthquake with catastrophic damage on Jan. 12.

The Czech Foreign Ministry had no details Friday.



Preval’s ill-conceived plan to harass ONG organizations, working in Haiti, to the point where they surrender control of their efforts to the Haitian Government is about to backfire. Preval has misjudged the atmosphere in Washington. President Obama had the Amaral Duclona dossier before him when he met with Preval.

We will wait and see what happens as Preval attempts to create conditions in which the International Community agrees elections cannot be held

Preval has no intention of handing the reins to a new independent president or parliament.

Read the words quoted in various media reports. Those who wish to see the end of Preval read one things, while those who understand the nuances  of the English language hear another drummer.

Preval has stated – clearly – that certain preconditions  must exist for a hand-over.
Preval will make sure these do not exist.

The kidnappings are a first, small step.

People will die.


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  1. Unless my mathematics are wrong, you predicted the Preval-ordered kidnappings the day before the first one occurred.

    Are you a friend of Elizabeth Delatour’s?? or someone else very close to the maitre??

    Try luck with Borletter.

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