Radical Opposition Refuses Haitian President’s Invitation to Talk- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Radical Opposition
Port-au-Prince, Apr 1 (Prensa Latina) Several political parties that make up the so-called Haitian radical opposition, declined President Jovenel Moise”s invitation for national dialogue to resolve the country”s current crisis.


The most recent was the senator and coordinator of the Ayiti An Aksyon platform, Youri Latortue, who argued his refusal by pointing out the systematic disregard of the people’ demands by the President.

Latourte wrote a letter to the Head of State, alleging that Moise does not administer the use of public funds transparently and responsibly, while implementing ineffective programs and delaying public administration reforms.

He also stressed the indifference to human rights violations in the country, although he emphasized his party continues to be willing to engage in an urgent ‘open and sincere’ discussion about the key problems that aggravated the current crisis.

According to the former Senate President, all the political players are interested in the President to remedy the blocking mechanisms that blocked, among other things, the Petrocaribe trial, the investigations into the contract with Dermalog and the case of the seven foreigners imprisoned last February with an arsenal of weapons.

He also urged Moise to engage in real change with politicians and civil society youth.

Latourte is not the only opponent to reject the invitation to national talks. Late this week, the coordinator of the Fanmi Lavalas party, created by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, confirmed the structure never recognized the current president after the controversial 2016 elections when only 21 percent of the population voted.

He added they demand resignation of the Head of State, the establishment of a public salvation government to ensure a transition of 36 months, during which the previously defined priorities must be respected and satisfied.

Other platforms such as the Pitit Dessalines party, led by former senator Moise Jean Charles and the Democratic and Popular Sector coalition also declined the president’s proposal.

Prensa Latina



These opposition groups don’t represent anyone other than their own minuscule memberships.

Youri Latortue, and his associates, change their loyalty more often than I change my socks!

Jovenel must improve his media team – from zero – to reveal what he has already accomplished.


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