May 19, 2015

It is a well-known fact that, in Third World countries, the party in power rarely, if ever, loses control of their nation.

Martelly controls the CEP and the Court of Superior Accounts.

So it is no surprise that the leading candidate, to lead Haiti into a stable and prosperous future – Laurent Lamothe – is faced with criminal and undemocratic moves, by people within the Martelly cabal, to prevent his entry into the electoral process, even though he is the most popular candidate in Haiti.

Over the past weekend, Queen Sophia spent time at their beach home, working to block the ex-Prime Minister. It is no secret that Sophia, and her brother Kiko, will do anything to keep Lamothe out of the game.

Michel Martelly was the surprise winner in an election and had the opportunity to really change the course of Haitian history. He and his close friend, Laurent Lamothe, created a team that had the complete support of Haiti’s majority.

Michel was the visible front-man, while Lamothe woked the background.  It was a magical period in which Hope was – for the first time – a potential reality for Haiti’s forgotten majority.

Unfortunately – from day one – the Martelly inner-circle was against Lamothe because he brought a taste of honesty and properly managed government, to the normally corrupt and chaotic Haitian scene.

Like dripping water, on granite, their negative efforts finally took effect. Somehow President Martelly was maneuvered into replacing Lamothe with the criminal, incompetent Evans Paul. We won’t go into details on the fact Paul is a murderer and thief who wants to put his mistress, Maggie, into the Presidency.

Since that moment, Haiti has disintegrated beneath our feet. Security has disappeared. Drive by shootings, and home-invasions have become commonplace, unreported events.

Laurent Lamothe’s projects were terminated, in mid-stride – by Evans Paul, who said they were just “Show Business.”  This of course sends a very negative message to the International Business Community, derailing all of what we gained over the first years of Martelly’s presidency.

After the dumping of Lamothe, Martelly would claim that “Sophia made him do it.” Sort of “The dog ate my homework” excuse.

It is time for my favorite President, Michel Martelly, to “man up” and retake control of his out-of-control presidency.  He should realize that ex-Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe remains the only safe-haven for the nation.

If Laurent Lamothe is not allowed a place in Haiti’s electoral process we will see a situation in which the drug-dealers pick a candidate and pour a fortune into his campaign.

This will see them win the battle, but lose the war, as the Americans are finally forced into action. We will have a “Noriega Situation” in which where is a rapid and effective movement against the powder merchants. Many of these people serve an important role in other areas of Haiti’s business community and their loss will be a loss for Haiti’s infrastructure, if the United States arrests 40 or 50 people.

President Martelly has a deep seated affection for Haiti’s vast forgotten majority.

The past few months have made this less evident, but the love remains.

Unfortunately, the people he loves, are becoming disenchanted with him as they see their hoped for future turning to ashes.

The massive Martelly popularity is disappearing, like smoke in a breeze.

We hope that President Martelly will give his people the chance to select the president of their choice. In order to have this happen, and protect whatever legacy Martelly may still possess, all candidates must be allowed into the process..

Martelly must use whatever power remains in order to provide a truly free-and-fair election for the Nation he loves.

Failure to do so will see him become a pariah who will have to run for safety somewhere else.


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