Protestors attack police station near Haiti-Dom Rep border- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

CMC.comPublished:Saturday | December 2, 2017 | 3:22 PM

Black smoke rises near a police station in Haiti. – CMC Photo
At least one person was reported to have died after people in the Border Commune of Beladère attacked a police station demanding the release of a man arrested on Friday. Beladère is one of the four main land crossings to the Dominican Republic.

Media reports said that the woman, who is reported to have been suffering from hypertension, died at her home as officials from the Departmental Unit of Maintenance of the Order (UDMO) fired teargas and fired bullets in the air to restore order.

But the residents, who had initially retreated to safe areas, returned erecting barricades of burning tires and threw stones at the police station destroying several vehicles.

The incident late Friday caused major traffic delays and vehicles from the Dominican Republic had to wait several hours until the situation returned to normal for access to the city of Belladère as those coming from Port-au-Prince.


President Moise must do something to solidify law-and-order in our community.
The PNH is ineffectively led by Chief Gedeon.


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