2 thoughts on “Preval/CEP Moving to STEAL ELECTION

  1. President Martelly should keep a low profile until his inauguration.

    There are people out there who wish him bad fortune.

    It is not beyond belief that some opposition person might make an attempt on his life.

    We do not need that problem.

    Martelly should stay home, watch some TV – pick his cabinet, and plan our future.

  2. Martelly should keep a very low profile because he is a fake result of a fake election which is probably illegal under Haitian if what they say is true (4 out of the 9 members of the venal CEP signed the results of the scam November 28 elections.)

    In any case Ceant should be in the runoff but we all know why he is not. Another thing worthy of note is that only 32% of the voters showed up. Even accounting for the confusion, it is a sweeping indictment of the whole process, a very damning one indeed. If it IS President Martelly (or President Manigat, it doesn’t really matter), they will have to tread ever so lightly as a election with such a low turnout does not give them a mandate. They will thus always be viewed as an illegitimate authority thrusted upon them by the collusion between Preval and the US and its allies.
    In the meantime, Martelly, if he does win, will be indebted to the secret forces who paid for his expensive right-wing Spanish PR company to give an acceptable look to an unacceptable candidate. Pity poor Haiti.

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