Preval plans to ARREST DUVALIER on Thursday

Commissioner of Government serves Preval papers on Duvalier at Canape Verte Hospital March 24, 2011

Preval plans to arrest Jean-Claude Duvalier on Thursday to create an incident that will draw attention from Preval’s efforts to steal the election from Martelly. He has already tried this, but the POLICE CHIEF, Mario Andresol refused to do this. Andresol said Preval could use his Palace Security, but Andresol’s people will have no part in this operation. There is no legal basis for his arrest, and judges have already confirmed this.

Someone should arrest Preval. There are many current crimes that he could be arrested for.


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5 thoughts on “Preval plans to ARREST DUVALIER on Thursday

  1. Forget Preval.

    Aristide has many crimes that are current.

    1. @Jean- and likely the same could be said for you…..Why be so negative?

  2. There is a rumor that Duvalier was going to be assassinated the last time he was summoned to the Parquet

    An injection that would seem to be a heart attack.

    Rumor sees the doctor involved – dead.

    Might be good to follow this concept up to see how truthfully it is.

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