January 26, 2011

Situation surrounding Duvalier remains confused as President Rene Preval works to derail potential land swell of support for Duvalier among Haiti’s peasant majority.

A residence on 83 Delmas is being readied as a holding point for Duvalier. This is the location where Prime Minister Neptune was detailed after Aristide’s departure in 2004.

There has been a vocal support for Duvalier among the Haitian majority while a few, with varying agendas, attack the former-president for a number of reasons.

An arrest of Jean Claude Duvalier could well be the flash that ignites an emotional reaction throughout Haiti.

Contrary to images created by the world media…Jean Claude Duvalier has always been popular with Haiti’s vast, uncounted majority.

It was really the business community that removed him to protect their monopolies and franchises.

Duvalier is very popular among the younger community, a community that was born after his departure. Their emotions have been generated through stories told them, by parents and grandparents, of the Duvalier presidency in which there was law-and-order, stability, investment, tourism, work, good schools and HOPE.


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  1. It is always good to read the real history about duvalier’s regime

    In Haiti, Reliving Duvalier, Waiting for Aristide
    Submitted by CHAN on January 26, 2011 – 10:34
    By Laura Flynn, writer, activist and board member of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy
    The Huffington Post, January 24, 2011

    1. Tibelo-
      Like many other readers such as myself that come to this site, we read others on the topic of Haiti as well. I have been familiar with the author before, and read this one of hers as well, but she surrounds facts with far too much speculation, especially for a white American activist that lives in the USA. I usually read articles that lack that embellishment style of writing. She spends far too much energy speculating as to why things happened, instead of just stating what happened. She is not an expert as to what was in the minds of those accused- lets just let the courts sort it out, instead of wasting time speculating on things that we all have no idea about. She is not a journalist. She is an opinion writer more than anything, and that article is far from historically accurate. It is full of speculation, conjecture, and opinion, surrounding some already damning facts. There are also inaccuracies.

      Aristide was not elected. Not the first time. Not the second time. Look up the name Sylvio Claude, while you are at it.
      Better yet,come back to Haiti and stick up for the 1 million of us living in tent camps- Fight for our right to have toilets that allow us some dignity.
      That is a fight that you can get instant results from winning. Help where help is needed.

  2. Tibelo- We read the article here with my entire family.

    Your author friend made some big mistakes. She accused Jean-Claude of crimes that were committed in 1968. Jean-Claude became President in 1971

    My conclusion. Your author that wrote that garbage is a fool, and you must not have a clue as to your own country’s history. The information in the article was not at all factual, and was full of opinion and speculation, just like the person above commented.

    It is typical for the fools to exaggerate things to support their agenda. Good luck with that. If you wish to retain any credibility, learn your history and don’t quote idiots.

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